Apple Beats Powerbeats Pro

The first information is the first visual of the new Apple wireless headset model. Here is Beats Powerbeats Pro.

Rumors came from the Beats Powerbeats Pro, iOS 12.2 codes. For the first time we see the official headset, black color is the first to draw attention. The product with a charging chamber such as AirPods is completely wireless. As we have heard before, officially announced in April, the headset may have the H1 chip, which is also included in the new AirPods. The model, which is expected to be sold at a level of approximately $ 250, is in-ear form and directly addresses the athletes. It is also known that the specially designed model will offer a high level of bass and is more resistant to water during sports. Beats Powerbeats Pro will be the first Apple-signed wireless headset to offer a similar experience after AirPods. You know, the company sells quite well from AirPods.

Apples new wireless headset

What details does the new Apple AirPods mention?

As you can see, the new model uses the same design as the first version. The headset has changed its technical structure. The new wireless headphone from the H1 headphone chip is completely new, making it a much faster and more stable wireless connection with devices. According to the company, the model can switch between active devices up to 2 times faster and offers 1.5 times faster connection time for phone calls.

The H1 chip also allows for Siri activation in voice and reduces the audio delay by up to 30% when playing. The main chamber can be recharged wirelessly, and when we look at the description of the company, it offers 5 hours of listening time on a single charge and up to 3 hours of talk time. With the hopper, listening to more than 24 hours can be achieved with the new product. There is also a development for Siri. With Apple’s description, you don’t even need to get your iPhone out of your pocket for Siri. To activate Siri, just say ”Hey Siri“.

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