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My God, is that Paris? Unity-lover in me, hold on bro. I’ve been waiting excitedly since they announced this add-on pack, I swear you know, I was very close to those siege wars in the past reviews, but even the siege in the name of the DLC couldn’t break my enthusiasm because Paris!!!

Ha, “Why so much Paris love? Is it the romantic city? Why so?” If you say, it doesn’t matter. Crowded city, many buildings, nice track; this is the reason. Otherwise, we have not seen another good of Paris.

Did I find the track I was looking for? Well… So it’s not that different from other Valhalla cities. Let me just say from Lunden, let’s move on to the content of Siege of Paris slowly.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 2

Help us!! What’s up!!!

I don’t remember how many people came to beg for such help, not only in the add-on packs, but also in the main story of the game. I mean, would it be bad if you wrote a different starting point for this task, my dear Ubisoft?

Two guests, Toka and Pierre, from Francia (the land that would become our Frankish Kingdom, then France), come and say, “Our Jarl, Sigfred, is fighting King Charles’ armies, either help us or this man defeats us. it will come this far. ”

We can’t say, “I know history, it won’t be that big of a deal,” instead we say, “Wow, we just set up our system here, so don’t let them come and break it. Hold on, I’m going to your business quickly. ”

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 3


Toka and Pierre are building a guest house when they come to Ravensthorpe. I hope that this building will not be disposable, that other guests and other duties will come to this building, either within the Siege of Paris or other, presumably through periodic events. I’m begging you, please come. I will explain the reason for this plea in the following sections.

Eivor girl, you are so naive girl!! Worst of all, we always suffer for this naivety.

For some reason, the beginning of the story reminded me a bit of Wrath of the Druids, I was weird. I felt like I couldn’t love, but when I played a little, that feeling disappeared. After all, you’re dealing with kingdoms, rulers, and self-conscious Jarls again. You can’t expect any of these types to act sane.

Sigfred grieves to avenge his brother’s murder by Charles’ assassins. (If we said assassin, not so much of our men. Straight, the assassin you know.) Charles is trying to hold the throne on the one hand, and on the other hand, to take his illegitimate son, who is his heir, from the hands of Queen Richardis. On the other hand, Count Odo is organizing an uprising against Charles.

We are also running, as usual, what will happen? Go right Eivor, go left Eivor, jog with the pigs Eivor, throw cheese Eivor…

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 4

Where should I catch up?!

It is a rich additional package in terms of game mechanics, it has to be given its due. In the beginning, there are the Black Box / Infiltration missions that they basically shout in all the announcements of the Siege of Paris DLC, which I really liked. My only gripe is that they are few.

The essence of the missions is as follows; In Assassin’s Creed you always go where you shouldn’t, well, let’s make it more organic.

Yes, for example, there is someone you have to enter the church and kill. You can do this by hiding by your own efforts without following any clues and killing the soldiers and guards where necessary; You can also do it by following the clues, dressing like a glutton, learning the door passwords and posing as an insider to Eivor.

And these are the Assassin’s Creed game mechanics I’ve been looking for! By God, that’s it, I don’t want much.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 5

These missions were really enjoyable while playing. I wouldn’t say no if it was more, longer, more complicated. Because that’s when you have fun when you blend the places where the clues take you with your own efforts.

The weird part is (by weird I mean, I’m starting to end), there’s more than one clue you can follow, so there’s more than one way to do a mission; but there is no mission picking or mission repeating in Valhalla! What did I understand from this?! Do I have to record separately for each task I want to repeat? No, I can’t name the records either. Let me start the whole game over, it’s all right. Anyway, I’m pissed, Gamewalkers.

I’ve had enough, Pierre!

Everyone begs us for help, but does Pierre stop? Of course it won’t stop! Pierre also has a plan to help the rebels in his own way. The missions here are more like the ones you get from Reda. Go, kill those, prevent them from reaching there… As you complete the task, you can take more rebel supporters with you, and if you finish it, an armor set awaits you at the end.

Another new game mechanic is mice. E epidemic, plague… Can’t you have a mouse? Impossible! If you’ve played A Plague Tale: Innocence, it looks like the rats over there, but they’re running away from fire, arrows, etc., not from light. You cannot kill. You see, I still haven’t figured out the mouse mechanics, so how to stop these mice?!

Actually, you need to be able to control it with arrows, but I think my mice are broken. However, I have used the new arrow skill, which allows you to drop mice on top of others. If I took it, you should too. What’s wrong with me!

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 6

Paris in a matchbox

At that time, the city of Paris was also small and natural. Years later, the Sainte-Chapelle and Notre Dame Cathedral are the home of the islet and its surroundings. It’s not that big of a city. When this is the case, one expects the add-on package to be neat, but… But here it is.

Such a “Hey?!” I’ve played very few games that evoke emotion. What really was the Siege of Paris? What was he trying to say? What did it have to do with Valhalla?! WHY DID WE GO TO PARIS??!!

See yes; Eivor’s distance from wanting to solve everything by fighting, his questioning with Sigfred whether there is indeed a Valhalla, on the other hand, the problems of Charles and Queen Richardis, which are almost solved by divine justice… A story has been tried to be told here, I can feel it.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 7

But there is no story of “I can feel”, my brother! There is no such world! This add-on pack really has nothing to do with Valhalla, Eivor’s story, or Assassin’s Creed’s contemporary time story! Why did we play this pack?

If this package is to last that long, our job will be very difficult. As you know, there is no other add-on announced for Valhalla. Yes, periodic assignments are coming, but it is unknown how long they will continue. (It goes without saying that they don’t advance the story.) So I hope that guesthouse is an add-on that will have its continuity, otherwise Siege of Paris as it is, is fun to play, its story is everywhere, and it does not go beyond being a side mission.


son go! Look, don’t read! I’m going to have an accident, I say there are spoilers!!! Anyway, if you’re still here, the sin is gone from me. The thing is, some time before this DLC came out, a YouTuber (if you’re familiar with the AC community, you might already know him for his hype and leaks) made an appearance that one of the past AC heroes will be returning in Siege of Paris. There’s only one AC hero who can survive until now, that prime. You broke the meatball.

We couldn’t escape, we saw, heard, got excited… It didn’t work. 🙂 Yes, when you open the Assassin Office in Paris, you will encounter a mysterious letter and someone hiding, but it doesn’t make much sense to rant about who this person is. Because Assassins still exist. There’s Hytham, you see. It could be a random person.

Frankly, I really want the certain person to come back, to make sense that he survived that long. But again, don’t get too incredibly enthusiastic. Just in case.

The last assassination in Paris

I swear I was waiting for Siege of Paris with high hopes. Once you return to Paris! Sovereigns, uprisings!! Wow sir how are they going to connect it to Valhalla, will it have something to do with the Isu? After all, Wrath of the Druids was a mediocre DLC, obviously they did it to increase Isu lore. Siege of Paris would have furthered Eivor’s story, wouldn’t it? So it would have something to do with Assassins? After all, there were also black box missions that would allow us to play as an assassin. IS NOT IT?! No. I mean, my enthusiasm is so incredible, I don’t know how to explain it.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 8

If more content is coming to this add-on pack, Ubisoft needs to say it quickly. Look, if they told me from the beginning that this DLC will be about a side mission, we will bring different mechanics, that’s all. I say amenna, okay.

However, if you provoke so many people and put this in front of them, people will be upset. I’m just sad. Because it is fun to play. The new mechanics are great, I’m having a lot of fun doing the infiltration missions and stuff…

Well, what about the parable? If we have been following these games for more than ten years, we are wondering where this will lead. Otherwise, no one has the eye to jump from roof to roof aimlessly! So there it is, get it! I’m so bored I swear. I’ll go and catch a turtle, anyone who wants to come can come.

Assassin's Creed Valhalla - Siege of Paris DLC Review 9


+ Let me fall victim to black box / infiltration missions, please do a little more of these.
+Mice! It’s fun to put it on others, even if I don’t come across it myself.
+ The siege of Paris does not follow the path of other sieges, they changed the formula. It’s appropriate.
+ They put a few more ropes to jump from roof to roof for God’s sake in Paris.


– That story could be handled much nicer, it could be played as a continuation of Valhalla, but a great fortune flew by. DLC side mission.

Note: 6 (EVEN ONE! MY SCORE is ONE (1)! NUMBER 1!!!)

Final decision: Story! In the air! Please! Connect it somewhere! Without flying! Rush! Please!

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