Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer

Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer; Sauce, soup, or pudding while you’re watching it! In the kitchen you have to do a lot of work, a few things at the same time. Moreover, your time is limited. If you do not want to spend your time at the stove with constant soup or food, the solution is Stir Crazy Automatic Pot Stirrer

The Stir Crazy stirrer can be washed in the dishwasher. Stir Crazy, without any harmful effects, will have a third hand for you in your kitchen! With its flexible structure, it stirs in a more effective way by interfering with all areas in your pans and pans. Stir Crazy is simple to use. Put the Stir Crazy mixer in the jar and press the button. Cook your Stir Crazy while you are dealing with other things!

Stir Crazy consists of 2 parts as engine and feet. You must keep the motor section away from the liquid contact. The product is powered by 4 AA batteries and is not included in the package of the battery against risk of leakage.

Stir Crazy sticks the best performance and gives it in Teflon pans / pots. The product has 3 different working speeds. Never leave Stir Crazy in six burning pots when closed

Stir Crazy Key Features:

  • Stir Crazy mixes every area in the pan and ceiling to cover it all.
  • Stir Crazy mixer is 100% waterproof and stainless.
  • Stir Crazy mixer can be washed in the dishwasher (wash the foot in the dishwasher)
  • Stir Crazy legs are made of silicone feet.
  • Stir Crazy does not contain any harmful substances.
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      1. I did not get it from Amazon. I ordered it directly from face book (big mistake) The company that deducted the payment from my account was Dominant Media PLT. Please send them to me or refund my money.

        1. Hello Char;
          We are only introducing products as a site. So we do not have any connection on the sales side. So, neither nor Dominant Media PLT. We have no commercial relationship with the company.

  1. This item is tiny….like for sitting sauce in a tea cup…..don’t do it. Dumb…I bought 3…maybe I can use.them all together in a pan for stirring spagetti sauce….dumb dumb dumb…would like to send n it.back.

  2. This was a Christmas gift but I received it way after Christmas…disappointing that it took more than 4 weeks to deliver, much smaller than I expected. I did not use it, saving it for a gift.

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