Autonomous electric bike from MIT

This time, a prototype autonomous electric bike model developed by MIT joined the world of electric bicycles. Here are the details from the interesting model;

The world of electric bicycles is constantly growing with new models. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), which turns out to be one of the institutions working in this field, approaches the process quite differently with its prototype model. The model, which is directly signed by the MIT Media Lab, first draws attention with its ability to drive autonomously.

The model, which is designed autonomously in the focus of bicycle-sharing infrastructure, can go to determined points on its own because it is electric. So how does this prototype bike balance? MIT uses a three-wheel body structure here. Thanks to its built-in engines, the bike “transforms” into three-wheelers in autonomous mode and two-wheelers in normal driving mode. As you can see in the video above or in the image below, the rear wheels come together with a single button and become a single tire. This is considered a really smart design.

Autonomous electric bike attracts a lot of attention

The autonomous nature of this model means that you can call it wherever you need in the future. Of course, it is said that the model, which does not have a structure to be finalized, may still be one of the transportation systems of the future. In the future, it looks like you can call a bike to us over the phone, almost like calling an Uber/taxi.

electric bike from MIT

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