Avengers Endgame Fake Stage

The Avengers Endgame continued to count the days for the vision, and the director Russo brothers again made a statement. Avengers Endgame favorite stage ”Fake” Avengers Endgame will be on the 25th of April as it is almost impossible to find tickets on the first day.

The last episode of the film, the Special Look trailer, was very popular. There was a very definite scene that excited the fans and included too many details and scenes from the film. In this scene between Captain America and Iron Man, Iron Man asks Captain America: ”Do you trust me?, And Captain America says ” Yes” Captain; shaking hands. This scene of the duo is of great importance to many fans. Because, before shortly before this scene, the two did not meet again after Civil War. While Infinity War, Iron Man still had Captain America’s telephone number, this kind of scene was echoed after a break. This scene is totally fake. Of course if you can trust the Russo brothers…

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Joe Russo explained

In a press conference held recently in the Fox correspondent about the feeling created by this scene, Joe Russo said that the scene is not in the film. As you know, we want to confuse the viewers without manipulating what will happen in the movies by manipulating the fragments. This isn’t in the film itself, en Russo said.

On the other hand, it is not possible to rely on any word of Russo. As the Special Look fragment contains a lot of scenes, we have already mentioned in the past that there may be false images in its content. However, this could be a tactic that the Russo would still use to bring them to the opposite corner. If you remember Samuel L. Jackson in a similar way to the film about the power of a movie that was actually not in the movie. For this reason, it is not possible to fully trust the actors and directors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

At the end of the statement, Joe Russo ends his words by saying, “Maybe it is in the film”. The Avengers Endgame, which closes the 3rd phase of the cinematic universe, which has undermined the relationship between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark, will see this scene together. You can watch the trailer with the scene in question.

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