Avengers Endgame plan to destroy Thanos has leaked out

With the recent CinemaCon event, the plan of destroying Thanos was leaked to the Internet in one of the key scenes of the Avengers Endgame.


Alert before proceeding; The next part of our story can include spoilers on the Avengers Endgame movie. The facts you can read may miss your viewing pleasure.

To briefly summarize the situation, Marvel studios showed a small scene to members of the press under CinemaCon. The details of this scene were then leaked to the Internet. The scenes shown by the ComicBook site are as follows:

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How will Thanos be destroyed?

Captain Marvel wants to take action to kill Thanos. Black Widow and Captain America think they should act as a team. Carol Danvers thinks she can find someone who knows Thanos, but Nebula comes in and says she knows where it is. Describing how he used to go to The Garden after everything was done to him. In the middle hologram, we see that what is happening in the world is happening on another planet. Captain Marvel wants to use the stones to get everything back and bring back those who died. Bruce Banner is approaching this idea. Carol Danvers says that the reason he was previously defeated was that he was not in the world. War Machine wants to know where he’s been all this time. Captain Marvel tells us that he helps planets that are not Avengers. Then we see the scenes of Thor and Captain Marvel. Calling Thor Stormbreaker. This act doesn’t surprise Carol Danvers and says he loves it. Then Captain America accepts the idea of ​​capturing Thanos. So the scene changes and we see our heroes on the spaceship of the Guardians of the Galaxy. The only missing one is the Iron Man.

Thanks to this leaked scene, we understand that the Avengers’ first plan is to kill Thanos and take back everything that happened by capturing the stones of eternity. But it is not difficult to guess that this plan will not go as requested.

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