Beoplay E8 with wireless headphones from B & O Play to AirPods

Combining sound quality and successful design, Bang & Olufsen comes to life with a wireless first earpiece. This new headphone, named  Beoplay E8, surfaced under IFA. The price of the headset, which seems to be rivaling AirPods, is a pretty high price.

After a long time, the wireless headset, which attracted great interest, has risen well after the AirPods. Many different brands face users with wireless headphones. Now this caravan is included in B & O Play. Bang & Olufsen has made a number of efforts to appeal to both fashion and music lovers. The Beoplay E8, announced by IFA vesiles, does not seem to break this tradition either. This new model, which has a very small structure, draws attention with its completely wireless first headset. Beoplay E8, an in-ear model, can be controlled by hand movements. So it becomes much more practical to switch to a new song or stop a song that you listen to. It is also worth mentioning that this wireless ear is resistant to splashing and tossing.

When fully charged, the Beoplay E8 headphones, which can operate continuously for four hours, were sold at Amazon. The announced sales price is about $ 299 twice as much as the AirPods.

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