Best Beverage Cooler

Could you cool your drink in a minute? Best Beverage Cooler makes you drink in 60 seconds.

Drinks such as soda or beer, which are at room temperature, should wait at least 2 – 3 hours in the refrigerators we traditionally use so that they become cold and drinkable as we wish. Beverage Cooler has proven that it can cool down in a very short time by working 240 times faster. The standard size is designed for a beer or soda box and is very small and useful. It’s as cool and quality as Marshall Fridge we’ve introduced before.

The way of working is very simple. Just pour some ice into the Beverage Chiller and place your drink in the compartment. 12-volt cooler works with 2 AA batteries, Beverage Cooler will prepare you to drink cold as you come from the poles in the seconds.

Very light and small, Best Beverage Cooler will make holidays, parties, barbecues, and picnics more enjoyable.

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