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Yes, millions of game lovers are waiting for GTA 6 with curiosity and excitement. Grand Theft Auto There has not been much leak about GTA 6, which will be the last link of the series. We only know that the game is under construction, the region where the game will go is still unclear. There is a lot of speculation about Grand Theft Auto 6. These include who the playable characters will be, what the story of the game will be, and it is among the rumors that the game’s release may take until 2025. Yes, we may have to wait for GTA 6 until 2025. So, which games from the Grand Theft Auto series have you played before? If you can only answer this question as San Andreas, GTA 5 or GTA 4, then it is useful to take a look at this list.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 2

15. Grand Theft Auto / GTA 2 (Gmae Boy / Game Boy Color)

Yes, we start at the bottom of the list. If you played the first Grand Theft Auto game on PC, we can say that you are very lucky, because it was perhaps the best game in the series. (Of course, if you like pixels and fast pace as we do.) Yes, but at the bottom of the list are the Game Boy versions of Grand Theft Auto. There was a version that appealed to Nintendo fans with the color palette. Those of you who played these 2 games on Game Boy, raise your hands in the comments!

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 3

14. GTA Advance

Yes, those who played the above also played this. GTA Advance was released on the Game Boy Advance platform in 2004 and was appreciated by game lovers at that time, offering a long-term adventure on the handheld console. If you have the Game Boy Advance at hand, it’s still a production you might want to explore.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 4

13. GTA: Liberty City City Stories

Another mobile console game of GTA was released on Sony’s PSP platform. It is almost impossible for those who had a PSP in 2006 not to have played this game. GTA: Liberty City City Stories, which came in 2006, was based on GTA 3 in production and was later adapted to the PlayStation 2 platform due to its success.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 5

12. GTA: Vice City Stories

Coming to PSP and PS2, Vice City Stories was a fun production, although not exactly a Vice City. It was about Vice City’s main character, Victor “Vic” Vance, forming a criminal empire with his brother Lance. While Vice City Stories has the same ’80s aesthetic as Vice City, it occupies a prominent place in the game series.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 6

11. GTA: London 1969 / GTA: London 1961

GTA: London, after Austin Powers, 60s London had suddenly become a big deal in the late 90s. On the other hand, GTA: London, known as one of the last steps of the first generation GTA line, was a very enjoyable production.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 7

10. GTA 2

GTA 2 might just be the weirdest Grand Theft Auto game ever. Because, with its near-future environment, cyberpunk trends and science fiction vehicle designs, GTA 2 was presented to game lovers in 1999 on many platforms from PC to Dreamcast. The GTA series, which changed a lot after the first game, was preparing for the future in these years.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 8

9. GTA 4: The Lost and Damned

When Rockstar released the Xbox 360, it had an agreement with Microsoft for 2 premium DLCs. This brought us GTA 4: The Lost and Damned and GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony. A game based on the highly detailed Liberty City setting of GTA 4, The Lost and Damned was a motorcycle themed remake of the series. In the game where we play motorcycle gang member Johnny Klebitz, the story is about the downfall of the unit’s reckless leader, Billy Grey.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 9

8. Grand Theft Auto

Yep, that’s the game that started it all. The first game of the series, which we played from the point of view from the top, was a wonderful production with its texture. The first GTA, which is revolutionary based on 2D and 1997 standards from the ground up, is a true classic with its music as well as its gameplay.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 10

7. Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Chinatown Wars, a version of GTA released for mobile game consoles, was later released on Android and iOS platforms, along with Nindendo DS and PlayStation Portable versions. In Chinatown Wars, one of the best games of Nintendo DS, as Huang Lee character, we were fighting against the Triads gang, which was prominent in GTA 2 and GTA 3.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 11

6. GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Ballad of Gay Tony was an expansion pack for Grand Theft Auto IV by Rockstar North. Based on the story of GTA IV, the game also set GTA fans against each other at that time. While some loved this game tremendously, others complained a lot. The Ballad of Gay Tony was the second and final story pack released for GTA IV.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 12

5. GTA 3

GTA 3 was one of the games of the series that left the most impact on the player. We were giving life to Claude Speed ​​in GTA 3, which gained importance with the fact that we met Liberty City, which is both technically successful and designed as an example of New York.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 13

4. GTA: San Andreas

San Andreas was the game that made the biggest technical breakthrough of the series to date. San Andreas, which has won the appreciation of the players with a huge map that connects the 3 main areas, has still not lost its popularity. It is still considered one of the iconic games today for many reasons.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 14

3. GTA: Vice City

Vice City represented a major shift for the Grand Theft Auto series, offering more in-game freedom, more interaction, and more violence than we’ve seen before, and that’s why it sparked controversy. But Vice City was one of the games to perhaps the most memorable Grand Theft Auto aesthetic. From characters in Hawaiian shirts to pink convertibles, you could find whatever he was looking for in this game.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 15

2. GTA 5/GTA Online

GTA 5 and GTA Online, which are still among the most played games even after years of their release, are of course proof of how much Rockstar has taken care of his business. Rockstar, which managed to keep the players in focus by making a lot of development especially in the Online area over the years, offered the players the chance to explore Los Santos with their friends with the multiplayer mode GTA Online, which came after GTA 5. There is talk of an enhanced version of GTA Online and GTA 5 coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X in November.

Best GTA Games To Play Before GTA 6 16

1. GTA 4

And number 1 is GTA 4. In GTA 4, which tells the story of Eastern European war veteran Niko Bellic, Nico comes to Liberty City to live the “American Dream” as a 30-year-old veteran, and what happens next. While GTA 4 is the most popular game in the series, especially with its storytelling, it also achieves this success by setting a new bar in open world design.

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