best toilet paper for septic systems

Toilet paper is one of our most frequently used products to ensure our personal hygiene. It is possible to find many products of different brands in different prices and quality in the market. What we are looking for is the best toilet paper for septic systems or which are the best.

There are many factors that determine this. The quality of the cellulose used in the products, the price difference and the product quality can directly affect our choices. The suction power and the number of coats of these products are different from each other, but this does not affect the recycling feature.

Having accurate information about toilet paper will minimize unnecessary labor, time and money loss in our purchases. review our article today I will try to give as advice and useful information about the best toilet paper for septic systems.

How did toilet papers get into our lives?

Let’s give you some general information about toilet paper, sir. The birth of toilet paper dates back to the 6th century. The Chinese who found the paper was the first to discover that paper could also be used for cleaning after toilet. In the 14th century, toilet paper production in China reached 700,000 leaf levels. In the rest of the world, the use of water or some of the leaves of special plants in the cleaning of the toilet was continued.

In the 19th century, we see that the use of toilet paper started in the western region. The first moistened toilet paper was patented by Joseph Gayetty. The launch of toilet paper in rolls began in the 1880s. The first non-disintegrating toilet paper was produced by the Northern Napkin Company in 1935 and the first 2-ply soft toilet paper was produced by the same company in 1942.

Crazy Gadget’s research results reveal interesting data about the history of toilet paper. The first factory-produced toilet paper was discovered in 1857 by Joseph Gayetty in the United States when tree leaves, newspaper papers, and even sheep’s wool replaced toilet paper.

What should be considered when buying toilet paper?

As we mentioned at the beginning, we can find different price and quality toilet paper of many brands in the market. Since different quality cellulose is used in these products, there are significant differences in suction power and water dissolution. When buying toilet paper, first of all the products which are easily soluble in water should be your first choice. After the use of toilet paper, we can often put these products in the toilet because of carelessness or unconsciousness. If you use insoluble products in water, you may cause clogging of the toilet.

In the meantime, let us note that there is no direct relationship between the number of coats of water and the dissolution of toilet paper. Dissolution is easy, even if the number of coats is high in the toilet paper produced from high quality cellulose. However, the fact that the toilet paper produced from poor quality cellulose has fewer layers is not a condition that facilitates its dissolution.

Toilet paper is one of the products in direct contact with our skin. Even when disposable, we need to be extremely careful when selecting products that are in direct contact with our skin. In particular, if you are sensitive to skin, you should read the composition before taking toilet paper. In fact, the products used in artificial whitening can cause a burning or burning sensation on the skin. In later stages, it may even cause diseases such as hemorrhoids. If you have used this type of product once, you can go to a different product.

Toilet paper is usually produced in standard sizes and there is no significant difference in size between the products of different brands. However, there are significant differences between the products to be used in the hangers and the products to be used in the dispensers. Therefore, you should clarify which type you prefer before you buy toilet paper.

What should be considered when using toilet paper?

Toilet paper may cause some infection risks due to misuse. Therefore, you should take care to avoid contact with the hands of the microbes on the paper, and then wash the hands with antibacterial cleaners. Also, after using toilet paper, you should throw it in the trash, not in the toilet bowl. Otherwise, you may cause clogging in the toilet bowls. Moreover, if you use products that are hard to dissolve in water, you may have to siphon a lot more when you throw them in the toilet.

One of the most common mistakes in using toilet paper is laying toilet paper on the toilet cover. However, when the toilet paper is used in this way, a protected area is created for microbes that have no chance of holding it in the toilet seat. Instead of this, you can use toilet seat cover covers specially developed for such places, and if you do not use these products in your environment, you can improve your employer’s awareness. In addition, the first time you enter the toilet should not necessarily flush the siphon, contact with the surface should not establish too much, you must clean your hands very well after leaving.

We usually use toilet paper with hangers or toilet paper holders. It is possible to find many hangers or holders made of different materials on the market. However, it is quite difficult to provide hygiene in public areas, so you may prefer dispensers instead of such products. As a matter of fact, these products make a great contribution to your use of toilet paper.

Home and Office friendly recycling toilet papers?

According to the research we prepared this paper, toilet paper, many toilet paper brands since the year 2000, a serious competition in the cleaning paper industry. What are the most preferred toilet paper brands for offices and homes? According to the data, the first five brands and products are as follows.

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper, 100% Recycled Paper, 24 Rolls

Seventh Generation Toilet Paper
Seventh Generation Toilet Paper

Our list is Seventh Generation Toilet Paper at first. The most frequently ordered list of the most frequently ordered toilet paper is 24 pieces. 100 x 120 mm size of the two-layer products of this layer is 240. Seventh Generation products, which offer strong and economical solutions for cleaning and hygiene needs, have a high suction power. Therefore, it is easily used in industrial areas. Thanks to its soft texture, you can use these products in your home easily. You can reach the product page here.

Green Forest Premium 100% Recycled Bathroom Tissue, 12 rolls

Green Forest Premium
Green Forest Premium

second place is Green Forest Premium. Plenty of toilet paper with a star of 352 sheets stands out. Bleach without using chlorine, Readily biodegradable, safe to use in septic systems, Hypo-allergenic, contains no added fragrances or dyes. Detailed information about the product can be found here.

Envision 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper, 80 rolls

Envision 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper
Envision 2-Ply Embossed Toilet Paper

Our third list is Envision Toilet Paper. Produced for more office environments, the product is already evident with 550 sheets and 80 rolls. Designed for septic systems of frequently used office toilets, the product is quickly dissolved in water. You can reach this product from here.

Marcal Toilet Paper 100% Recycled, 48 rolls

Marcal Toilet Paper
Marcal Toilet Paper

The fourth place is Marcal Toilet Paper. Attracting attention with its eco-friendly brand image, the brand winks to nature lovers with its 336 sheets and 48 rolls. You can reach this product from here.

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper
Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper

And finally Caboo Tree-Free Bamboo Toilet Paper. A completely natural toilet paper made of bamboo fiber. 300 sheets of sheets, 12 pieces of double roll with our applause is a wonderful environmentally friendly toilet paper. You can reach this product from here.

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