T/A KM3 RC terrain tire set

The adaptation of the original version introduced in June 2018, the BF Goodrich T / A KM3 RC terrain tire set claims to make a difference in the toy world.

SUV and pickup models, one of the indispensable toys of land enthusiasts, respond to certain standards with their versions when they leave the factory. In general, when we look at the general purpose for the purpose of moving off-road immediately moving to the vehicle owner’s tire, rim and body kits can see the application. The only part of this is the special tires. BF Goodrich, who is known as an expert on both civilian and motor sports, has been using his experience for a long time for RC models. The collection and hobby enthusiasts can easily remember these examples will include a brand new option in the coming days. This new tire kit, T / A KM3 RC, which has just been introduced, claims to increase the ability of the toy world in the field.

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BF Goodrich T / A KM3 RC terrain tire set

Prices are also certain

The T / A KM3 RC set, which BF Goodrich introduced last month as the new tire kit, which was introduced into the RC world, is the real one of the details. The tires on the gears start from the structure to the rim combination and have high strength thanks to its flexible technology. The tire kit, which can be integrated into the 1.9-inch wheel dimensions, is 4.75 inches long and 1.77 inches wide. The prices for the sales process, which will start in the coming days, have also become clear. T / A KM3 RC’s quadruple set, which costs about $ 37 for the pair, will have to dispose of about $ 60.

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