Black DualSense came to light

The new version of the PlayStation 5 Black DualSense controller has been released. The game controller shared by the website called The Gamer stands out with its black color.

Looking at the shared photos, we come across a dual-color DualSense. The body has a black color, while the D-Pad and other keys have a white color. Whether Sony will launch the black controller in bicolor color remains unclear. It is a good idea to be patient to see if the device that appears to be in the prototype stage will be released.

The game controller, which has a built-in microphone and thus facilitates the in-game call, can be charged via USB-C. The new controller from Sony offers much better feedback than the PS4 controller. In the new remote, even the smallest details can be felt through the vibration. It is also among the official explanations that the R2 and L2 trigger keys will be adaptive. As far as is said, infrastructure is being established where game developers can change the resistance of these trigger keys according to the situation. The control also has a special button for quick sharing.

When will the PlayStation 5, which comes with the Black DualSense controller, be available?

PlayStation 5 is expected to go on sale in November this year. We will share with you when new details about the console arrive.

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