BMW X2City 35 km range electric scooter

Developed with the ZEG partnership, the BMW X2City project is a candidate to become an important solution in urban transport.

Specialized in partnership with the new generation X3 with an electric bicycle to match the bike, after a short brief, then again a two-wheeled companion to the liking of more users. There is a scooter this time in the outpost of the project where the BMW Motorrad team is headed. We can say that BMW developers who are partnering with ZEG, an important brand in the class for the scooter project as it is in the bicycle, aim to attract every class of people with electric scooter, which will play an important role in urban transportation. The service and support of the electric scooter, which is announced by the German-based Kettler brand, is about $ 2,850.

Although it is considered electrically, the scooter, which is basically a human-powered model, weighs 20 kilograms. The engine is integrated into the back of the X2City, where no clear yet relevant information is shared with the dimensions, and the engine supports up to 25 kilometers per hour. Initially, this passive structure of the engine to be active for the first priority users need to reach the speed of 6 kilometers per hour. The scooter’s range support, which comes with a 408Wh lithium-ion battery that can be fully charged in about two and a half hours, ranges from 25 to 35 kilometers depending on usage. There is no documentation or helmet requirement to use a scooter that is shown for sale for 14 users and over.


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