Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack

Thieves Confusing Backpack

With the design of Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack, XD Design aims to keep thieves away, while also offering practical features that make life easier in urban life.

Especially in big cities, walking with backpacks, using public transport is uneasy. It is not difficult for the thieves to unzip the bag and reach its goal without even the soul of anyone. In order to be cautious against theft, there are those who wear the backpack in the opposite way, not on the back – one of them. However, since this mode of transportation is not a practical solution, it is starting to disturb people after a certain point. Aware of this, the design office, XD Design, aims to end the security concerns of city people through the Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack design.

Bobby Anti-Theft Backpack is a fabric designed with a stylish design and no zip fastener on the outside. The thieves have a look that discourages them from having to fight where the bag is opened. Actually, the bag has a zipper, but it’s not on the front, it’s hidden under the fabric on the back.

Waterproof, stain-repellent, lightweight and unabsorbable fabric in the bag inside the computer or tablet protected against damage is possible to carry. The fabric is also protected against puncture by a cutting tool. The reflective line behind is a safety measure that makes the biker visible in the dark. The pockets inside make it possible to organize different materials safely and orderly. The pockets in the handles of the bag are designed to carry and access the cards required for credit card, business card or public transportation. There is also a USB port for you to conveniently use the phone in an external power source.


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