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Goodbye headphones; Welcome to bone conduction sunglasses.

Zungle Viper, which integrates sunglasses bone conduction technology, sends the sound to the inner ear of the user via vibration. Zungle, which does not detach from the outside world because it does not cover the ear like normal headphones, also has a built-in microphone to answer incoming calls.

Zungle Viper, a sunglasses with Bluetooth that works with bone conduction technology, allows you to listen to music in an unseen and unheard of way. Zungle, which can send the sound to the inner ear through the vibrations sent by the transmitters in the handles of the glasses to the user’s skull, promises high sound quality according to the developers’ claim. You have to admit that it looks like an interesting product. There should be more people thinking like that, because the sunglasses have had so much support for the Kickstarter project that Zungle has managed to collect almost 5 times the target, even though the project has ended for 25 days.

Bone conduction sunglasses connected to smartphones via Bluetooth 4.1 do everything that wireless headphones actually do. With the built-in microphone, it is necessary to charge the Zungle via micro-USB, which allows you to answer incoming calls. Perhaps the only bad side of the glasses (the second for those who do not like the type); only four hours of music on a single charge. With a single control button, you can turn the device on and off, and control the volume and songs.

45 grams of sunglasses come in black, white, gray, green and pink. The glasses can also be changed: the glass goggles are perfectly matched to the Oakley Frogskins model. Zungle Viper All $ 89 and $ 99 packages were sold. $ 189.99 is possible to order sunglasses. You can watch the introductory video of the product as well as the interesting demo published by Zungle.


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