Bosch Cordless Mini Chainsaw

Mini Chainsaw NanoBlade technology now offers free cutting without having to connect the workpiece.

Versatile sawing inside and outside. You can easily make fast and straight cuts. Thanks to the new design you can make very close to the edges; e. you can cut the branches very close to the tree trunk. It is enough to open the lid, change the saw blade and then close the lid for simple, safe and fast saw blade replacement. The new saw cutting technology never requires maintenance, lubrication or sawtooth sharpening.

Thanks to the Bosch Cordless Mini Chainsaw Lithium Ion sphere, the saw is ready for use anytime and anywhere. The batteryBosch Cordless Mini Chainsaw 1 can be replaced and the entire Power for ALL System can be used in hand tools. Infinitely adjustable with Bosch Electronics for starting sawing. Thanks to the attached storage ring you can hang a dala or ipe while the tool is running. 2.5 Ah. Secondary battery is a gift!

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