Buy PS5 for release

Buy PS5 for release?

The speculation and fears about empty sales shelves for the release of the PS5 increased. Now Sony has finally officially spoken out and clears up the players.

Update from November 5th, 2020 – 4:43 pm:

Sony has now announced on the German PlayStation blog that there will be no “PlayStation 5” consoles in brick-and-mortar stores when it is released on November 19th. This decision is a safety precaution to keep the risk of infection in the COVID-19 pandemic as low as possible.

Sony expressly advises that under no circumstances should you wait or camp in front of local trading partners to hope for a PS5 console. All transactions on the release day are carried out exclusively online.

So there are still chances to get hold of a coveted PS5 copy on November 19, at least in online retail. So be sure to check out our PS5 pre-order article regularly!

Will the PS5 be in stores when it is released?

The PlayStation 5 pre-orders showed that the demand for the Sony console is huge. Speculations have surfaced again and again recently that the console might not be available in local stores at launch. Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony, had also recently voiced this fear.

Now Sony has spoken on the Japanese PlayStation blog and finally confirms these fears. In the automatic translation it says bumpy:

“On the day PS5 was released, we temporarily closed the reservation as we had reached the planned number of reservations. However, we assume that PS5 will continue to ship in the future. For information about the next arrival and the sales method, see the instructions of the individual dealers. “

Apparently, the available amount of PS5 copies on the part of Sony has already been used up by the extensive pre-orders, so that local dealers will not be able to offer consoles directly for the release. If you have any questions, it is advisable to contact the individual dealers.

Another reason for not selling on-site is the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, and events for the release of the PS5 are also irresponsible.

This important notice was initially only announced for the Japanese market, but similar conditions will very likely prevail for the European market.

PS5 accessories: must-haves for the new Playstation generation!

After all, the outlook after the release of the PlayStation 5 from Sony is positive. The console maker is confident that further shipments will be possible after the release.

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