Why Joker Likely Won't Hit $1 Billion

The Joker film, directed by Todd Phillips, has not been on the agenda lately. After the film’s box office success, it is wondered if it will exceed the $ 1 billion limit. Do the past examples give a clear answer?

We can say that the Joker has achieved significant success at the box office since its inception. One of the most important indicators of this is the fact that the film earned $ 548 million in box office proceeds in a very short time. The opening of the rapid on top of the $ 500 million quickly exceeded the limit has created new expectations for the film. Of course, this expectation is that the box office revenue exceeds $ 1 billion. However, when we look at the previous examples, it is highly likely that the Joker could not meet these expectations. The reason is that the film appeals to adults.

The Joker may not receive $ 1 billion box office proceeds

The box office proceeds of a film are determined by how wide the story is. The fact that the script can be watched by everyone in the family automatically increases the earnings. The fact that it only addresses adults excludes not only child audiences but also adults who prefer to stay away from such productions. For this reason, we have witnessed more than $ 1 billion in earnings such as Star Wars, Avengers, Titanic, and Frozen that everyone can watch. Deadpool 2, which targets adults, was $ 785 million in box office proceeds. Nevertheless, it was the most winning production among adult films.

For these reasons, we think that the Joker’s box office earnings will slow down in the coming days and the film will probably not exceed the $ 1 billion limit. But it is also possible that the film makes us wrong.

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