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Before Captain Marvel was even released, we could see that Goose, which we saw on posters, would have a significant role in the story. But even his Marvel fans surpassed their expectations.


Alert before proceeding; The next part of our news includes spoilers for the additional scene of the film Captain Marvel. The facts you can read may miss your viewing pleasure.

The most adorable member of the Captain Marvel team, Goose, looks like an ordinary cat from the outside. Carol Danvers and Nick Fury enter the PEGASUS base, and they go after them. So much so that he comes with them to the plane. But it doesn’t take long for us to realize that it’s more than just a cute member of the film. Goose actually comes from the alien Flerken race. From the outside, he looks like an ordinary cat, but he can pull the octopus arms out of his mouth. They can use these arms effectively and defeat the enemies. So, at first it shocked everyone, but it’s extremely helpful. Then he swallows the Tesseract and creates another great amazement. The reason for this is that the Flerken race has a different dimension in its stomach. So they can swallow large objects and keep them safe.

Comics also include a Goose-like character. Chewie is the name of this character, Carol Danvers’ cat, because of Star Wars. His characteristics are identical to Goose. In short, this character was taken from the Marvel comic book, but we were able to surprise the audience.

captain marvel cat goose


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