Cards Against Humanity

If you’re following desktop games, you’ve definitely encountered the most popular game of the last period, Cards Against Humanity.

This card game from Kickstarter goes on its way to becoming the world’s popular game with additional packages and cards produced by fans.

These cards, which are generally customized according to cultures and societies, are now sold exclusively in the name of Cards Against Humanity. The team that designed the fun party game you will laugh at is telling you this.

As brave and abundant brains, we prepared carefully the questions and answers that were most annoying to us, turned them into cruel combinations and put a box. It was a laughing machine, a monster, an unusual box game. We tested it on our own so that it would not hurt you. We are so pleased with the result that we want you to experience this unforgettable experience.

Cards Against Humanity is a simple but fun game with rules of at least 4 people. It is enough to create the funniest combination by responding to the question card that changes every turn with the most appropriate answer card in hand. There is no right or wrong answer. Just be creative and brave for everything and everybody’s break!

The game is ideal for those of you who come together with friends, especially home parties, birthdays and Christmas nights. Unlimited possibilities, player capacity and gameplay have many combinations that can be played for years without getting bored.

We trust our game so much that we give 100% guarantee for happiness tears.

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