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Would you like to have a phone case that protects your smartphone and prevents others from seeing your screen?

Smartphones, which have become a part of us, are always with us. As such, when the devices are hit or dropped to the ground, the rate of encountering scratches increases. It is inevitable to use a case on the phones because the slippery structure can even cause loss of the hand. However, most people purchase at least one of the two accessories with their smartphones. One of them is a protective case and a screen saver. But now you have a design that combines this in one product. PhoneGlass is a screen protector for your smartphone as well as a phone case that protects against impacts.

This phone case has an interesting design that protects both the front and back

PhoneGlass doesn’t just protect your smartphone from physical scratches and cracks. It also provides additional protection for your display. This protection is a great way when you are trying to text in a crowded place with the phone you have received, or if you want to prevent the person next to you from seeing your messages.

Designed to be compatible with both the front and back of the phone, the PhoneGlass protects your phone as a traditional bumper case and also acts as a screen saver with privacy protection. Designed and developed using a special polarized glass, PhoneGlass prevents people around you from sneaking around on your phone’s screen to see what you’re doing. This way, you have control over what you do with your phone.

With a small viewing angle, PhoneGlass is based on a system that allows viewers to see the screen from certain angles, just like the display system used in ATMs. The polarized glass instantly dims from outside the viewing angle and also allows you to use your phone’s touch screen as you normally would.

The polarized glass blocks even the blue light and makes the objects look clearer while reducing the harmful effects of the screen on your eyes. In addition, one of the most remarkable features is that it is fully recyclable.

Compatible with most phones, PhoneGlass supports await

The PhoneGlass comes with a metal bracket if you want, providing extra protection for both the back and front. The two-skinned case is magnetically passed around your phone, combining the power of both the case and a polarized screen protector. PhoneGlass is compatible with most iPhone and Galaxy smartphones. If you would like to support, you can donate from the funding site by clicking here.

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