Comfortable electric bike eCAT

Today, many electric bike models come across. The newest and perhaps the most comfortable of these is the electric bike eCAT model of Catrike company.

Many electric bike models currently on sale adopt the same structure as standard bicycles in terms of use. Catrike’s eCAT model makes a difference in this regard and adopts a structure that you can use by reaching out. The bike, with its pedals at the forefront, rides on three large tires and can be managed with two pieces of handlebars instead of one-piece handlebars. Even having a part on the seat where the driver can rest his head, eCAT does not appeal to everyone, but still manages to make a difference in the field. Technically based on a 400 Wh Bosch PowerPack battery pack, the model is powered by the Bosch Active Line Plus electric motor, which produces 50 Nm of torque and accelerates to 32 km / h. In other words, the bicycle, whose technical infrastructure is completely based on Bosch, also allows the battery to be changed. The electric bike, which brings a range of up to 100 km depending on use with a 400 Wh battery, uses double disc brakes on the front.

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The electric bike eCAT that you can use while lying down attracts attention

Unfortunately, the only negative side of this model is its price. The bike’s start abroad is $ 4,750.00. Depending on the selected hardware, this price goes up to $ 6,750.00. As we said above, the bike, which does not appeal to everyone, seems to please those who attach great importance to driving comfort. There are also such normal, non-electric bicycle models. However, electrical support seems very important in this structure.

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