PUBG Mobile is ready to update

PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update” gave the date. Exploding gas gallons, BRDM-2, Desert Eagle and more on the way.

Mobile Battle Royale launches the countdown to 0.15.0 of the next major update of the favorite games “PUBG Mobile”. The new update will be available on October 16, according to an official Instagram account. The PUBG Mobile 0.15.0 update brings a new “explosive” game mode. Payload mode also uses a resurrection system similar to Apex Legends. Players can now retrieve their team-mates’ identities and reinstate them at certain points. With this new mode, players will be able to explode explosions that overshadow Michael Bay.

PUBG Mobile is ready to update

Another highly anticipated feature was the fact that gas gallons could explode. Together with the new update, this is among the future innovations. The Desert Eagle and MP5K SMG, two 9mm guns that were included in the PC version earlier this year, will also meet players with this update. Another innovation that will change the gameplay dynamics is “sticking to the edges”. Players will be able to reach places they could not reach before moving from building to building and climbing to the sides of the building. Of course, 0.15.0 came on October 16, but more content awaits players in the coming months. Because the 9th season will continue until November 7, and after November 7, the game PUBG Mobile 10 season will meet the content of the players.

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