Cyber Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty

Are you ready to clean your keyboard with the cute character Slimer of Ghost Hunters? Cyber ​​Clean Electronics Cleaning Putty is almost a green ghost Slimer with texture that gives a sense of silk structure and soft play hawk. We want to play with Cleaning Putty instead of doing it because it is so soft and very relaxing.

Aside from sophistication, the electronic devices that will turn into position are indispensable accessories of our lives, under all circumstances and pollution, dust covers are inevitable. Smart phones, computer keyboards, digital cameras, laptop computers all become dirt havens.

Although there are many different cleaning products for electronic appliances, Electronics Cleaning Putty is definitely a number one.

Since we can not clean water and other liquid cleaners and sensitive electronic goods, we needed a product that was dry and effortless. As a result of our research, we found Cyber ​​Clean Putty and we loved it very much.

In short, if you write your tricks; Spots on the surfaces, hair strands that have accumulated between the keyboard keys, dust, dirt, dirt, body oil and other unwanted factors are easily cleaned. Keyboard cleaning putty fills spaces, cracks and gaps and instantly removes any sticky surface. Afterwards it is washed with water and ready for re-use.

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