Damages caused by Matrix 4 action scenes

Matrix 4 shooting continues without slowing down. However, despite the security measures taken in the region during the shooting of action-packed scenes, some damage occurred.

Matrix 4, which we encounter with set leaks, seems to drag us back to an action-packed adventure. Fans are not expecting less for the film, which continues to shoot in San Francisco. Considering the unforgettable action scenes in the first trilogy, it is possible that the new film will even take these action scenes one level higher. However, the shooting of these action scenes creates some problems despite the measures. According to the NBC news, the shots have caused damage to some buildings in the region. Helicopters, explosions, and automobile actions are preparing to show up on the big screen, damaging the region.

Damage caused by an explosion during Matrix 4 shooting

It is noted that the explosion in the set, which took place in the past days, damaged the lamps of the surrounding buildings. He stated that the explosion was quite severe and that the lamps had melted the plastic guards. Workers replacing damaged equipment say they have made a $ 2,000 change. It is stated that many citizens do not worry as long as the damage is covered by the film. Although all precautions are taken, there may be some setbacks that may cause damage during shooting.

It is a matter of curiosity about how we will see action scenes in the film, which will reunite Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss. The film crew seems to be preparing big surprises. Matrix 4 is preparing to bring all this and more to the vision on May 21, 2021.

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