Demons Souls for PC

Demons Souls for PC

Yesterday Sony announced Demon’s Souls for the first time for the PC, with a nice “Also available for PC”. Well, unfortunately, there are some hearts to be broken now because there won’t be a PC version – the announcement has been withdrawn.

Demon's Souls

Game series: Souls
Languages: German, English
Platforms: Playstation 3, PlayStation 5
Manufacturer: From Software
Genres: Action Adventure Games
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As you all probably already know, a graphically very attractive remake of Demon’s Souls will stomp on the upcoming PS5 – and only on the PS5, although the new trailer for the game (yes, there is a new one!) Promised something completely different. At yesterday’s PS5 showcase, Sony adorned itself with the small sentence towards the end of the video, “Also available for PC.” Well: Demon’s Souls will conquer the PC, neither in the remake nor in the old version.

Compared to PC gamers, Sony declares the faux pas to be a human error, in short: someone on the Sony team probably added the sentence by mistake, although there was no agreement on it. See the new trailer for yourself, I also have tissues ready:

In addition to the error devil, pleasant things have crept into yesterday’s PS5 showcase: For example the price of the console and other game announcements, such as Final Fantasy 16 or the first trailer for the new Harry Potter RPG.

And what else is there for the PS5:

At least you can console yourself with the new pictures in the trailer, but a bitter aftertaste remains. Pity! The remake of Demon’s Souls is expected to be released for the PlayStation 5 release on November 19, 2020.

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