Doctor Strange detail unnoticed in Avengers Infinity War 1

Joe and Anthony Russo, the director of the Avengers Infinity War, announced an unobtrusive detail about Doctor Strange.

In short, Doctor Strange was one of the characters who played an important role in shaping the struggle against Thanos. Stephen Strange retreated into a corner before calculating the odds at Titan and calculated the odds of winning. As a result of this calculation, he explained that they could win only one of the 14,000,605 alternatives. We had a chance to see how this reality progressed later in the Avengers Endgame. So how did Dr. Strange learn that they only won in one of the 14,000,605 alternatives? Joe and Anthony Russo said he didn’t just see what happened in these realities. On the contrary, they had to live every reality they lost. Answering Wired’s questions, the duo describes Doctor Strange’s process:

Doctor Strange and 14,000,605 odds

“In Avengers Infinity War,” Doctor Strange had to physically experience every reality he saw that he had lost. In every reality, he had to go through a different alternative just before his death. In all the realities he had to witness and try a different possibility again until they lost. “

With Joe and Anthony Russo’s statement, we understand that Doctor Strange didn’t just see what was going to happen, on the contrary, he had to suffer every loss. This means that every loss feels painful, undergoing a truly disruptive process. But thanks to this challenging process, he helped him learn how to win the victory in the Avengers Endgame.

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