Dog Poop Collector

The dog poop collector is designed with a soft silicone pad, which is a comfortable and lightweight and hygienic material that can be mounted on the tail of your pet friend so that your dog can comfortably bowl out. It acts as a pain or burning sensation that your dog may feel uncomfortable.

On the principle of working; When your dog makes a poop, it will fall directly into the collection bag. No need to collect after running your dog, no need to be ashamed of people in the environment. Very practical and hygienic with disposable bags that you can easily change whenever and wherever you want.

The dog poop collector is a small size and lightweight product that is easy to carry. Therefore, like your cute friends, you will not feel your presence when you carry them in your bag or pocket.

When the collection bag is very easy to use, just open the clip and press the square button just below it so you can take the bag and throw it into the trash. Hygienic, touching, without the use of bucket, odorless and dirt-free solution.

The package includes 1 Pooper clip and 20 plastic dog pooper bags.



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