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The Dynaudio Music 7 Review meets the expectations of audio enthusiasts with its exceptional design and powerful performance and reflects our useful and objective ideas for those who are thinking of buying wireless speakers.
When we say Denmark, we first think of design and speakers with powerful performance. Denmark, which has a special place in our hearts with its sound systems, is one of the countries that attach great importance to design and sound performance. You may not have heard of the name Dynaudio, which has made a name for itself with its successful loudspeakers since 1977, but the company is known for its collaboration with automobile companies such as Volkswagen, Volvo, and Bugatti.

Dynaudio, which operates in the United States, is ambitious with Music 7, the most powerful wireless audio system developed for home users. Except for this model, the company’s Music 5 and Music 3 speakers, however, Music 7, the company’s most powerful sound performance as a speaker emerges.

Being aware of the interest of the CGH team in the speakers, Dynaudio sent the Music 7 loudspeaker to our office for a short time and gave us a pleasant moment as a CGH team. Targeted for those who want to get high-end audio performance, Dynaudio Music 7 is a striking speaker with sound design as well as sound performance. Let’s start with our Dynaudio Music 7 review with the design of the speaker.



When we bring the first multi-room audio system of the Danish company Music 7 to our home and remove it from the box, we want to indicate that we are impressed by every detail. Both the importance given to the box design and the speaker design have been quite successful. You need to have an empty space because the loudspeaker we put in the box and put it in the top corner of our house is a big size. If you don’t have a free space, you can also take a look at the Music 5 and Music 3 models of the company. Of course, the smaller size will also affect the sound performance. Let’s go back to the design by stating that we will address this issue in audio performance.

The speaker with an impressive design line has a form with striking angles instead of a rectangular shape. As we saw on Bang & Olufsen‘s speakers, Music 7 is covered with fabric. We have tested the model with four different color options and we have a gray color. It is also possible to use the speaker weighing 7.7 kilograms on the floor or on the wall outside the tripod. Of course, you need to buy an optional wall bracket for this. There are control keys on the top of the speaker. There is no power button on the speaker, which also has an Ethernet connection. The loudspeaker puts itself on hold after a short while. Music 7 can also be controlled by the remote control from the contents of the box, except for the control keys on the top. The speaker also draws attention to its rich ports.

Support for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ports, Apple’s AirPlay technology is also available. To connect the speakerphone to your home network, you need to install Dynaudio Music on your iOS or Android device. 3.5 mm headphone jack, USB, optical audio output and HDMI (ARC) connections are also forgotten in the USB connection allows the speaker to charge the iPhone.



Let’s come to the most curious subject, the sound quality offered by the speaker. Danish companies are known for their loudspeakers, which are important for design and sound performance. The Music 7 speaker of Dynaudio is a good example. Music 7 was removed from the box and placed in the head corner of our room was the first affecting us. We expected that the sound quality of the speaker would be good without listening to the sound performance yet. In Music 7, where we activated the Tidal membership for 9 months, we listened to music genres from pop music to classical music, from R & B to rock music in different styles.

In all types of music, both the high-pitched and the bass performance of the loudspeaker, which greatly affected us, exceeded our expectations. Let us say that the house we live in is not very big and the speaker performs very strong sound performance even at 20-30% sound levels. Music 7 is a good choice for big homes, transforming the rooms in the rooms into a party atmosphere. If you live in a small house, you can also take a look at the company’s Music 5 or Music 3 models. If we evaluate the overall sound performance, we were quite impressed by the sound quality of Music 7. For those who want to get powerful and high-quality sound performance, Music 7 is a very successful product.

Among the features that attract attention are the NoiseAdapt and RoomAdapt. NoiseAdapt offers a sound level to match the noise level in the room. RoomAdapt is able to adjust the frequency balance according to where the speaker is placed in the room.



So far we have had the opportunity to review many wireless speakers. Compatible with the criteria we attach importance to wireless speakers, the Music 7 is an ambitious speaker with its successful design and powerful sound performance. Although there are many wireless speakers on the market, very few of these speakers offer successful design and rich sound experience. You can buy Music 7 with peace of mind if you want to impress us. Tidal membership of 9 months free of charge is also an important advantage.


Music 7  Exceptional design

Exceptional design

Music 7 is changing the mood of houses with its impressive design.

Powerful performance Music 7

Powerful performance

Dynaudio Music 7, which is covered with fabric, wipes ears with strong sound performance.

Music 7 Remote control support

Remote control support

It is possible to control Music 7 via the remote control

Ease of Use Music 7

Ease of Use

Music 7 has physical control keys at the top that make control easier

Rich connection options DYNAUDIO MUSIC 7

Rich connection options

Loudspeaker with rich ports with AirPlay support other than Wi-Fi and Bluetooth



Music 7 is a great choice for large halls with powerful sound performance

Music 7 Colors

Colour options

Light Grey, Dark Grey, Blue, Red


Dynaudio Music 7

Drivers: 2 x 1-inch tweeters, 2 x 3-inch midrange, 2 x 5-inch woofers
Amplifier power: 6 * 50W for woofer, mid range and tweeted
Frequency range: 40Hz to 20kHz
Bit rates: 16-24 bits
Power consumption: 100W standby mode <0.5W
Connections: Wi-Fi, 3.5 mm headphone jack, Bluetooth, AirPlay
Dimensions: 201 x 819 x 185mm
Weight: 7 kilogams
Price: $ 999.00

Pros / Cons

(+) Powerful sound performance, impressive design

(-) Price could have been more reasonable


Dynaudio Music 7 8.6/10

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