E-car from VW ID.3 Tesla alternative apparently has big problems

E-car from VW ID.3

VW wants to start the Group’s electric offensive with the ID.3, among other things. So far, however, the car has largely failed in the expert test – in key areas.

VW ID.3: Experts criticize workmanship and electronics

After all: the testers from auto-motor-und-sport.de certify that the VW ID.3 has good driving characteristics. But in most other disciplines you have to make compromises – although VW has high hopes for the compact electric car.

There is a “considerable need for improvement” with ID.3, so the conclusion of auto-motor-und-sport.de after a driving test. The tested near-series model costs around 50,000 euros before the premium for e-cars is deducted. Other variants are available from around 35,000 euros – from which up to 9,000 euros go away. The car obviously does not do justice to the price: According to the testers, it does not meet the “usual high VW standards” in terms of the accuracy of fit of the body parts, the minimal gaps, and high-quality materials. For example, the seats already had a “worn look” after the first tests.

“Hard and dirt-sensitive plastics” are built into the cockpit and the testers in this price range are not satisfied with the inside of the bonnet either. It looks like it was painted with the spray can:

E-car from VW ID.3: Tesla alternative apparently has big problems 1

Deficiencies in the core discipline

It is surprising that the ID.3 does not get off well in terms of electronics either – you would not expect that with a “smartphone on four wheels”. The verdict of the experts: “The infotainment system only starts up slowly, the navigation system often remains disoriented for several hundred meters.” No connection can be made to online services. The monitor is “relatively fair” away from the driver. The voice control cannot compensate for the difficult operation – it is neither error-free nor fast.

VW overwhelmed: This e-car is sold out for the time being

After all: “Everything is great” on the street. The portal even calls the drive and chassis “perfect”, praising the “balanced driving behavior”, the steering, and the good traction. According to the test result, the following applies to the remaining points: “VW has to make improvements here as soon as possible.”

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