Edible Cups

Our world is increasingly polluted and we can say that we can stop this problem with interesting solutions. Edible Cups is one of the interesting products. We hope that people who are sensitive to the environment will love it. The edible cups looks like it will become popular with the motto of “Eat instead of throw”.

CupsEdible Cups 1 that will be indispensable for parties and cocktails; 100% non-gmo using pure natural seaweed, sugar cane extract, organic tapioca syrup, natural flavors and fruit and vegetable juice for coloring.

Decide which flavor to choose. Strawberry, lemon, green tea or vanilla. If you can renew, you can ask how to recycle. Single-use Edible Cups can disappear spontaneously in 60 days.

Get in a bite to sweeten your crazy flavored drink. Protecting our earth has never been so tough.


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