Electric Pickup Truck Rivian R1T-2

The Electric Pickup Truck Rivian, which is expected to start its production adventure, which was delayed towards the end of this year, keeps the quality perception at the center of both models it will launch.

Preparing to enter the US-based electric car market with two assertive models, Rivian was among those who felt the effects of the coronavirus the most severe. The company, which had to postpone the launch of the pickup and SUV models R1T and R1S for about six months, is witnessing important developments to turn this process into an advantage. The brand, which attracts great attention with both its designs and numerical data, aims to reach the top in the perception of quality and modernity of the cockpit structure. The management team, which guarantees to provide luxury dynamics with sustainable materials, stated at an event held recently that the interiors of future models can be compared with manufacturers such as Audi, Lincoln, and Bentley.

Electric Pickup Truck Rivian provides examples of reference names for quality perception

At the center of the dynamics that await the end-users in the inner world of Rivian models, “environment and nature” factors are prioritized. In addition to the wood and other coating elements obtained in a sustainable way, colors and textures inspired by nature will be the components of this formula. The company also guarantees that it will use first-class materials here. Cockpits contain minimal modernism as well as material qualities. In mass production in the light of the information we have from the past; Massive display modules such as a 12.3-inch driver and 15.6-inch multimedia will also be in use. The pickup model R1T, which was first introduced in November 2018, will be able to cover a range of approximately 645 kilometers at a time. The battery of the model, which has four electric motors, is offered in three different packages: 105 kWh, 135 kWh and 180 kWh, while at least 370 kilometers will be able to cover a range of 645 kilometers according to the versions. Thanks to R1T fast charging technology, a range of approximately 320 kilometers can be reached with a 30-minute charge. It is possible to say that similar limits will also apply to the SUV model.

Rivian R1T Tank Mod

Electric Pickup Truck Rivian R1T
Electric Pickup Truck Rivian R1S

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