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Our first model Harley-Davidson signed electric scooter concept

We have recently announced that Harley-Davidson, one of the most iconic names in the motorcycle world, has developed an electric motorcycle called LiveWire for a long time. LiveWire won new details in CES 2019. It was announced that the model could run approximately 117 kilometers with a fully charged battery. This value is described as very nice, while the model 0 to 100 km / h speed was reported in less than 3.5 seconds.

The company soon introduced a brand new electric scooter concept. The electric scooter concept, which emerged in the X-Games race, has been designed for the city. The company, which continues the image of the brand with its black and orange color details, includes the LED lighting system at the front of the concept vehicle. The Harley-Davidson signed scooter concept includes a portable lithium-ion battery, which we expect to deliver a fun driving experience like electric scooter vehicles on the market.

When will the electric scooter be available?

The performance of the battery is not yet clear. The scooter, which we expect to come up with a long range, is expected to make a difference with its design and performance. Since the concept is a vehicle, the electric scooter will not go into production yet. We will share with you when new details about the electric scooter come, follow the Crazy Gadgets Here.

Exciting development; Uber autonomous bicycle and scooter

Uber autonomous bicycle

Uber autonomous bicycle

Uber can make bicycles and scooters after the cars. A new news came from Uber, while he was just getting used to electric motorcycles and bikes. Uber decided to produce autonomous bicycles and scooters. Initially, only a taxi service company, in recent years, worked on autonomous and autonomous cars. After the bike sharing, the level of technology that excites the world of technology is unknown. What is known is that the Micromobility department has begun to develop autonomous software for scooters and bicycles. In a statement from the company, it was said that R & D activities were carried out to increase the efficiency of driving, safety and electric motors.

In recent months, Uber introduced Jump, an electric bike. Jump’s batteries can be optionally changed. ”Thanks to the replaceable battery, you don’t have to take it anywhere to charge the bike,” said Nick Foley, head of the team.

Minimalist design electric scooter with easy folding: Unagi [Video]

Stylishly designed electric scooters have been added a new one. Unagi, a new venture company in California, unveiled its own electric scooter. The scooter, signed by the former Beats Music CEO David Hyman and the founder of the music company MOG, gathered the necessary funding for production on the project launched at Kickstarter. Unagi, the electric scooter that collects the necessary $ 50,000 support for production, draws all the attention with its design.

The scooter has minimalist design and uses advanced materials and high-end technology. Scooter with magnesium alloy handlebars, integrated in the top bar, instrument panel, horn and LED headlights are available. The reason why stainless steel body is preferred on scooter is that this material is 33 percent lighter than aluminum material.

One of the most portable scooters on the market, Unagi can be purchased with two electric motor options. The E250 is equipped with a powerful 250-watt motor located on the front wheel and is ideal for drivers with typical flat terrain. The E450 has 450 watts and 28-newton meters of torque. Thus, 15 degree of sloping terrain becomes easy. The scooter, which can be easily folded when a button is pressed, is easier to fold than any other scooter on the market.

The scooter has a 47 lumens LED front light system. The maximum speed on the electric scooter with start, mid and advanced speed setting is 24 kilometers per hour. The scooter with IP54 certificate is also resistant to water. When the battery is fully charged, the scooter, which has a range of about 25 kilometers, is charged in 5 hours.

SEAT is the first electric scooter project



SEAT and Segway signed electric scooters, which will meet the users for the first time in Spain, attracts attention with their technical values.

One of the influential figures of the two-year period will be SEAT. For the Spanish-based manufacturer, which plans to increase the range of SUVs in the product range, there is a wide range of preparation for the next generation of transport solutions. One of the best examples of this is the partnership with the Segway company in the United States.

The brand that invests in scooters, which we gradually hear more in the city transportation solutions, presents the first model in this class ready for use.

It will also be possible to test enthusiasts who will participate in the first model in the World Smart Cities Congress in Barcelona.

SEAT electric scooter Specifications

The infrastructure of the electric scooter model, which will be introduced as eXS, is entrusted to Segway. The point of entry of the SEAT signature is the design touches. Let’s not forget that this model can be remembered by enthusiasts as Segway ES2. The first technical details shared by eXS are diversified on the points we are most curious about. The tire size is set to 8 inches and the comfort-oriented suspension system is not exceeded.

The maximum number of girls you can access is limited to 25 km / h for safety reasons. As a result of the tests, we can see that the maximum range that can be achieved is 45 kilometers, which is more than enough for the intermediate sections at point A to travel to point A.

We will see how SEAT, which is in the process of diversifying its products in this field, will follow a policy about the price. You can send us your comments about the technical specifications of SEAT eXS.

Self balancing electric scooter: Stator [Video]

Self-balancing electric scooter The Stator offers a more comfortable scooter experience on the road. In addition, this style is accompanied by his own way to the elegance of his companion.

The stator’s chances to erase this image of the scooters’ minds, which are not particularly comfortable for the legs, are quite high. With its large lower body, the Stator offers space for 2 legs, so it seems to make you forget the “one foot outside an scooter experience. The stator is also quite stylish. Very elegant standing body despite the big wheels, the kind of the most decent avenues. The Stator, with its one-seater model, does not need any support to breathe when not in use, thanks to its balance system.

Will be opened to pre-order soon

The stator is powered by a 1,000-watt motor on the rear wheel. In this way, the power of the scooter, 40 km per hour can make. Different seats, lights and a variety of useful add-ons for the stator, the vehicle can be customized. Other features of the Stator are as follows: Easy control of gas and brakes, comfortable driving on all kinds of wheels thanks to wide castors, rear wheel lock with alarm, front and rear wheel mudflaps … will be distributed if it reaches enough customers. If you want to get the pre-order announcement early, you can click here to register for the e-mail newsletter on the product’s own site.

Electric scooter with replaceable battery: Inboard Glider

Inboard Glider

Inboard Glider

California entry company Inboard Technology introduced the Glider e-scooter. Inboard plans to sell its e-scooter to businesses, universities or shopping centers.

The electric scooter with a power of 750 watts can reach up to 32 km / h. The battery can be easily replaced and offers a range of approximately 20 kilometers. It is also possible to attach LED differences to the vehicle in which large wheels and a winding suspension system are preferred.

Thanks to its foldable design, it is possible to carry the electric scooter easily. According to Inboard, the vehicle can connect to any network. The vehicle, which aims to contribute to smart city transportation, can stop the power for a safe and controlled ride at once. The wheel drive engine allows for smooth acceleration and hill climbing power. The car is a more durable scooter for urban wear and tear. The vehicle comes with a robust, lightweight touch acceleration system with aluminum alloy aircraft class, and it is likely to provide a solution to the traffic problem.

Electric scooter for adults street legal related models for now. We hope you enjoy the content. It makes us very happy to write your ideas and comments. See you in new posts.

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