JackRabbit mini eBike

This time, a very different model has entered the world of electric scooters. Like the bike on Kickstarter, the electric scooter JackRabbit began to seek support.

There are many electric scooters available today. The latest model that manages to stand out among them is the JackRabbit, which looks like a small bike but does not have pedals. The model, which is aimed to collect 80 thousand dollars on Kickstarter and currently exceeds 19 thousand dollars, is not similar to other scooter models at all, as you can see. JackRabbit, which is very easy to carry thanks to its small structure despite its bicycle form, is a very useful option as far as it is said. The scooter, which approaches foldable bicycles seriously and is also introduced as a mini bike, allows even entering the light terrain with its tires. The model, which is reported to have a total weight of 9 kg, carries a 336-watt electric motor behind it. Using a Panasonic signed 4.4 Ah battery pack, the vehicle can travel up to 19 km with 2.5 hours of charging as far as a transfer. The highest range depending on usage is at the level of 30 km. JackRabbit, the electric scooter with a maximum speed of 32 km / h, has a lifting capacity of 109 kg, despite its small structure and lightweight.

Electric scooter JackRabbit

The electric scooter JackRabbit looks interesting

The bike, which is one of the important details of the removable battery pack, is also available in different colors. A minimum donation of $ 499.00 is required to reach the model. It is reported that deliveries will start in December 2020. You can watch the promotional video of the model at the top of the page.

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