Ember Temperature Control Mug 1

Meet the Ember Temperature Control Mug, which keeps your coffee warm!

If we have a warmth in every coffee, we should have the freedom to drink the coffee we want at the temperature we want, right? There are now. A thermos initiative, Ember gives you the opportunity to drink the desired beverage at the temperature you want.

Do you have to take a full sip of the beverage you want and forget about your presence when you are interested in another job and then put in a new drink? Founded in 2010, Ember has created a new category of ta consumer technology ler and has developed a retention system where people can keep their food and drink at the temperature they want.

After travel thermos to keep your favorite beverage at your desired temperature, Ember; working, relaxing, wherever you are, you do not want to drop a Travel Mug designed.

Using the Bluetooth connection, this smart ceramic mug allows users to adjust the temperature they want via their mobile phone, making the drink ready by heating. The Ember Travel Mug app can also send you notifications when it reaches the desired temperature. This way you can set the desired temperature for your beverage even from a distance, and record the temperatures you set for the beverage you want.

In order to get the same pleasure from your first sip to the last sip, this smart thermal mug with seven temperature sensors, fast cooling system and microprocessor heating system is the candidate to be among the top 3 of your belongings that you do not want to take away from you.

Ember Temperature Control Mug“, one of the best inventions of 2017 by Time Magazine, has been launched at Amazon and Starbucks for $ 79.95. Although it is only in America for sale now, it seems that the demand will spread as quickly as demand increases.


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