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Venom 2 Although the film was expected for a long time, it has been formal in the last few days. So what do we know about the new film?

855 million dollars After the box office, Sony Venom 2 Even though the film was not official. Top 10 most money-saving films in 2018 The fifth line of the production, Sony‘s Spider-Man is in his days. Seemed like a drug to the studio. The audience was ready, he loved Venom, and he wanted more. Now here we go 2. The film Officially We can start talking. Because the explanations are coming in pursuit, and our impatience continues to increase. In the second part of our article, we will first include formal explanations, and then we’ll mention that the studio is thinking about the future, not the second film.

Venom 2 began work

First of all, Venom 2 studies have begun clearly. Producer of Spider-Man films for Sony Amy Pascal, Fandango Said Tom Hardy would return for the film. The full description of Pascal is as follows: “I can tell you that Tom Hardy is coming back, portraying the character as no one can. Sony successfully laid out this series and gave Venom life in his own world. Then Tom Hardy entered the quadrant. When you drop Venom, you can’t think of anyone but Tom Hardy. He dives into his lobster aquarium at a time…

After Tom Hardy’s success, the studio was not expected to make a different decision. However, it is clear that there is no shortage of formal agreements. And when will the movie be released? We believe it could be published in 2020 as a reasonable wait time after the first film was released in 2018. After the debut of the first film in October 2018, the expectation of the new film 2nd Oct 2020. But this is not a formal date. There may be delays, changes.


Will it be Spider-Man in the 2nd film?

The truth is, that’s the question everyone’s worried about. But we have 2. We don’t really believe we’re going to see Spider-Man in the movie. Amy Pascal In the same interview, the question of Spider-Man and Venom will not come together “Everybody wants to see it. Maybe someday it can happen, who knows…Says.

We recently received a Kevin Feige The explanation was in the same direction. Feige is the 2nd in the studio. He said he didn’t know if he was working on the film, but it was very unlikely that Spider-Man was involved in the Venom films.

Considering these two explanations, Venom 2 will probably not host Spider-Man. However, we do not think that Sony’s plans for this series will be limited to two films. So for now, let’s say that the odds are higher for the third film.

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