SpaceX Starlink

Elon Musk often comes up with the internet project Starlink, which is in orbit with the private space company SpaceX. This system is really working.

SpaceX recently managed to send the first 60 Starlink satellites that would provide Earth with space-based Internet to low-earth orbit. At first, the company said that it would use a total of 12 thousand satellites, and then increased it to 42 thousand satellites. In addition to the permission obtained for the first 12,000 satellites last week, the company applied to the International Telecommunication Union for 30,000 new satellites, and this increase is made according to the possible needs for the future. So this project is really given great importance. Is it possible to provide internet from space with the first 60 satellites sent?

According to the following tweet by Elon Musk, it definitely works. ” Sending this tweet through space via Starlink satellite “, and he continued, ” Whoa, it worked!! “. Mus Musk made a nice presentation of the project. The Starlink project wants to provide high-speed (1Gbps) wireless internet to everyone from space. The cost of this is not yet fully known.

SpaceX Starlink will not enter our lives immediately.

Because the project is already at the very beginning. It is not known exactly when the system will be activated. There are thousands of satellites that need to be sent into space. The company is really entering a very big job.

Starlink Mission

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