iOS 13 Siri support for Spotify

Expected iOS 13 Siri support for Spotify announced Spotify, the online music service with the most subscribers in the world, has recently introduced a feature that was first informed by iOS.
Siri support for the long-awaited Spotify on the iPhone was finally officially released. This support, which was also seen in the last beta version of the application last week, has delighted users not to wait too long. With this support, the Spotify application can now be managed within the Apple ecosystem with voice commands to digital assistant Siri. Bringing HomePod and CarPlay support here, the company is now delighting Siri’s hardcore users. Siri also supports different languages, which is good for Apple users all over the world, as well as a nice support in the latest version of the application.

iOS 13 Play Spotify tracks with Siri support

Siri integration works with “iPhone, iPad, CarPlay, AirPods, and AirPlay with HomePod” according to the release notes. HomePod integration doesn’t yet recognize Siri song requests, but according to a 9 to 5 Mac test. However, it may appear in a later version of iOS 13.2 for HomePod. Along with Siri integration, Spotify also launched an Apple TV app for Apple TV HD and 4K.

The app, which is now active on Apple TV, also brings low data mode for iOS 13. When the low data mode is activated on the iPhone and iPad, Spotify switches itself to low data mode. This also seems quite useful.

How many subscribers does Spotify have?

Spotify’s number of “paid” subscribers worldwide has outpaced 100 million, as we have recently heard. The platform, which reaches 217 million subscribers with free subscribers, is at an incredible point. Competitor Apple Music has a total of 60 million paid subscribers, as we have recently heard.

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