Extended PS5 backward compatibility: is Sony still making the dream come true?

Extended PS5 backward compatibility

Sony has filed another patent that gives hope to some PS5 players. Will the next-gen console still get support for PS3, PS2, and PS1 games?

New Sony patent: will the PS5 get any better?

While owners of an Xbox Series X / S can not only play Xbox One games but also Xbox 360 titles and some games from the first Xbox on their next-gen console, Sony has so far limited the backward compatibility of the PS5 to PS4 games – and even here not all games are supported.

Patentscope.wipo.int / Sony Entertainement LLC
Patentscope.wipo.int / Sony Entertainement LLC

But could that change soon? A new patent from the company gives players hope again. The document describes a system that is intended to enable players to earn trophies in emulated games. If a “trophy trigger” is recognized while playing, a corresponding value is compared with a predetermined value that has already been saved. If both values ​​match, the player will be awarded one or more corresponding trophies.

It is reasonable to assume that the technology could be used in the PS5 and that the emulated games are old games from previous PlayStation generations. However, no specific information is given in the official document.

Alternatives to the backward compatibility of the PS5: what else could the patent mean?

Should Sony not work on extended backward compatibility of the PS5, the technology could also be used in the in-house subscription service PS Now. The service allows players, among other things, to play PS3 and PS2 games on their PS4 and PS5 via game streaming.

So maybe the patent is an indication that the PlayStation classics will soon not only be used via streaming but can also be downloaded directly to the modern console and played via emulation. That would at least reduce the input lag and could provide better image quality.

So far, Sony has been keeping a low profile. However, if there is any new information about the patent, we will let you know.

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