Eyeboot 49 Port USB Hub

Expected gadget has arrived; Eyeboot 49 Port USB Hub, It is possible to turn your computer into monster by increasing its performance or charge all of your devices that you use at the same time.

All is possible with Eyeboot 49 Port USB Hub.

If you get bored from the cable chaos and lack of space, plug Hub with USB in your PC and use it safely without any overheat and danger of fire.

Do you need so many ports? The answer to this question is simple, you always need a USB port.

Let’s think about the electronic devices we use now. How many devices are running on your home or office with USB or charged? Accessories, toys, smart watches on your arm, tablet on your desk, your smartphone. Just a little while we think that 49 Port USB Hub is insufficient.

$ 190 isn’t cheap. But the performance it shows and the convenience it provides says it’s worth the price. The first thing that attracted our attention was the color. It is very nice to use yellow instead of boring white and black hues. After the positive aspects, let’s mention some of the missing aspects. Now this Hub is unfortunately not coming with its own power supply. Computer hardware is not a problem for those who understand the job. You can easily operate externally with ATX power supply. For those who do not understand hardware work, we recommend that you purchase a 5V, 60A output ATX power supply.

49 Port USB Hub ATX power supply

The 1.5A ports can charge almost any accessory and electronic equipment, which is an indispensable part of our lives. You can prepare a charging station corner in your home or office. Consider an all-in-one charger.

Models with different port numbers are available. 100 Port USB Hub, 49 Port USB Hub, 30 Port USB Hub, 20 Port USB Hub and 10 Port USB Hub, which you can buy as models.

100 Port USB Hub
30 Port USB Hub

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  1. This is the king of all hubs. I just bought one last week and it arrived today. Got it for $5 usd cheaper as well ($145 usd) LOL! thanks eyebot team!

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