FIFA 21 without a demo EA disappoints fans

FIFA 21 without a demo:

EA has announced that a demo will not be made available for FIFA 21. In doing so, the developer is breaking a longstanding tradition and disappointing many fans of the series in the same breath.

A new entry in the FIFA franchise has been part of the gaming industry’s annual release calendar for what feels like an eternity. In a way, the same goes for the demo, which traditionally comes out shortly before the game comes out. This allowed gamers to enjoy a small preview of the upcoming game year after year, try out a few changed moves, and admire the new jerseys. However, 2020 is not like the previous years in many ways – and EA has officially confirmed that no demo will be made available for FIFA 21 this time around.

FIFA 21 | New Celebrations Trailer

No demo for FIFA 21

EA Sport officially announced in a tweet today that there will be no demo for FIFA 21 – the annual tradition is broken. Instead, the company has announced that the focus of the development team will be on the best possible version for the current and future console generations.

Even if it certainly means a little more work to publish the game for two hardware generations, this reason seems a bit threadbare to many fans, at least without further information – after all, the goal of developers should always be to release the best possible version of a game published. And on previous FIFA entries, that motivation obviously didn’t cause any problems with the demo.

Only EA Play members will have early access to FIFA 21

While there won’t be an official demo for FIFA 21 this year as usual, you can still get an impression of the new game from October 1st with an “EA Play” account – members can already enjoy the game for ten hours testing. Without an “EA Play” account you will unfortunately get nothing and have to wait until the game is released on October 9th.

Besides Pro Evolution Soccer, FIFA is currently the only serious soccer simulation on PC and consoles. EA Sports has been sending virtual soccer players onto the pitch since 1993, back then with fantasy names, today with a large license package and thus with numerous original players with faces, team names, jerseys and more. Many consider themselves the best FIFA player in their area. But championships are not only won in practice, but also on the tactics board.

What do you think of EA’s announcement? Have you been looking forward to the FIFA 21 demo? Are you going to create an “EA Play” account now? Visit us on our Facebook page and tell us your opinion in the comment area!

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