Final Fantasy 16 What We Already Know About It

Final Fantasy 16

The PlayStation 5 Showcase event started off strong and with a big surprise. Square Enix unveiled a new game in the main Final Fantasy series: Final Fantasy XVI.

Final Fantasy XVI: the minds behind the game

“Final Fantasy” fans will know the names. Naoki Yoshida (Final Fantasy 14, Dragon Quest 10) and Hiroshi Takai (Final Fantasy 14, The Last Remnant) are working together on Final Fantasy 16. During the showcase event, exclusive recordings, consisting of fight scenes and video sequences, were presented to the fans who have already caused goosebumps.

Final Fantasy XVI – Awakening Trailer | PS5

FINAL FANTASY XVI is an action RPG for a single player, which will first be released exclusively for the PlayStation 5. Probably six to twelve months later, PC gamers will also be able to enjoy it. The age classification is still pending.

Haven’t played Final Fantasy 15 yet? You may want to do that before the next game in the series appears.

When will there be more information?

We’ll have to wait a little longer until Final Fantasy XVI appears. No release date is known yet and we will have to wait a little longer for further information. The official press release states:

“Our next big unveiling is planned for 2021. I hope you all enjoy speculating in the meantime. We have a lot to show, not just for the newest installment in the series, FINAL FANTASY XVI, but also for FINAL FANTASY XIV. Of course, I will work hard on both titles! ”Said, Yoshida.

This means that in the future we can not only look forward to more about Final Fantasy 16 but also to new information about Final Fantasy 14 Online. If Square Enix stays true to its tradition, the next expansion should appear in the summer of 2021. We will keep you up to date.

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