Follow Focus LensShifter

Good photography is closely related to having a good eye and having a good camera. In a good camera, precision and timing are highlighted. The Follow Focus LensShifter allows fine-tuning of zoom and focus, allowing for precise shooting.

The Follow Focus LensShifter offers a highly practical solution, and the camera has a sleeve for fine-tuning the zoom and focus rings. Thanks to these two arms with different colors, the photographer who performs the framing from the viewfinder can easily make the desired fine adjustments.

Follow Focus LensShifter

With the LensShifter fine-tuning levers, you can adjust 3.5-fold more accurately in focusing and zooming. The zoom and focus handles also help to keep track of the settings in the eyes and remember the position.

Fine-tuning knobs made of rubber can be mounted tightly without any damage to the lens.

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