Fortnite loaded iPhone models

A surprising detail emerged after the popular Fortnite deleted from the App Store. Incredibly expensive Fortnite loaded iPhone models have begun to be available for sale.

Epic Games added a payment infrastructure to the iOS and Android versions of Fortnite last week, an alternative to Apple and Google’s built-in payment systems. However, Epic Games violated the market rules of Apple and Google with this alternative infrastructure. Therefore, you know, first Apple and then Google removed the popular game from official markets. That’s why Epic Games sued both companies. It is not yet known exactly how this issue will turn out. What brought this issue to the agenda now was the sale of Fortnite loaded iPhone models. It seems that some people want exactly 10 thousand dollars for these used devices, and that seems incredible.

Fortnite loaded iPhone models

You know, unlike Android, it is not possible to install games/apps on iPhones from outside the App Store, except for jailbreak. For this reason, those who turn this situation into an opportunity have set high prices for iPhones with Fortnite in their hands. In the meantime, it should be noted that those who have previously installed Fortnite on the iPhone model can re-download the game in the “Purchased” section of the App Store. For those who have not downloaded it before, there is currently no way other than jailbreak.

Apple and Epic Games were making huge revenues through Fortnite

It is known that the commission Apple received on Fortnite is exactly $ 360 million so far. It is stated that $ 1.2 billion was spent in the game, and $ 360 million of this was announced to be in Apple’s coffers. The money Google earns in this context is only $ 10 million. Apple users always spend a lot more money on games.

Fortnite loaded iPhone prices

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