Free Ps Plus games: The free games for October are now known

Free Ps Plus games:

Like every month, Sony surprises PS Plus members with two free games. The games for October are now fixed. Action friends get their money’s worth because it will be bloody and fast.

If you are not yet a “PS Plus” member, you are welcome to take a look at the various offers in the PS Store: Or get yourself a “PS Plus” membership (12 months) on Amazon

The “PS Plus” games in October

PS-Plus subscribers can look forward to two big blockbusters in October. This month is particularly action-packed. Both role-playing and racing game fans can look forward to this. Click here for the free games in October:

With Need for Speed: Payback, players can go underground in Fortune Valley and have to master races, missions and challenges to smash an unscrupulous cartel.

In Vampyr you play a doctor who was recently turned into a vampire and tries to fight a terrible plague. Now you are confronted with the eternal thirst for blood and you have to decide whether you want to face your inner monster.

From October 6th, “PS Plus” members can download both games for free from the PS Store.

What is PlayStation Plus?

To be able to play online, you need a PlayStation Plus subscription for the PlayStation 4. This enables you to use the multiplayer mode of most games and provides you with cloud storage for save games and other things. In addition, you get special offers that only members receive and ultimately at least two free games per month.

Does this cost money? Yes, the service costs you $ 59.99 a year, $ 24.99 for three months and $ 9.99 for one month (this may vary depending on the offer).

You can do this either directly via the PlayStation Store or at Amazon – you can choose to receive a PS Plus card or a download code.

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