Darkest scene from Game of Thrones S8E3 Brightened

Game of Thrones Episode 8 Season 3 Lightened was on the agenda for how dark it was rather than the longest battle scene in television history. A viewer illuminated certain parts of the series.

One of the most controversial episodes during the entire series was the Game of Thrones Episode 8 Season 3. Moreover, this discussion was not only about the functioning of the story. Yes, the fans had expectations about a topic from the beginning of the series, and the creators of the series said that they decided to do this in a different way while doing the sixth season. But this was not the part where criticism turned into a common voice. With the publication of the series, it was criticized to see how dark the department was. Of course, no one was expecting The Long Night to be taken by daylight. But we can’t help but think that a piece of light would at least help us see the details, the expressions of the characters. YouTube channel Hivemind also responds to this need of fans and “Game of Thrones Episode 8 Season 3 lightened” under the title of some of the scenes are normally seen in the video format.

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Game of Thrones Episode 8 Season 3 and Battle of the Hornburg

Hivemind answers the question of how a few videos would be if the scenes were a little brighter. In fact, one of the most important reasons for these discussions is that the comments before the start of the season and the expectation. It was said that the battle scene, which was said to mark a stamp on television history, would be of bigger than the Lord of the Rings: Two Towers Battle of the Hornburg and the expectation of the fans were completely different. This more tı big ”situation created a“ greater “expectation not only in terms of time but also in terms of visuality. Battle of the Hornburg was a serious loss of sight due to heavy rain and it was night. But at least we’re in the details. There is a big difference between being able to see anything and barely able to choose the scene and to see the details but to experience the atmosphere of a tough war. The director of photography, in his own way, explains the situation. In the news we have written here, the director of photography of the department finds the TVs of the users insufficient. He emphasizes that this part was taken as a film.

We do not expect any problems in the next parts of the series. Now there is a second war ahead of us. The future war will not be the longest battle in television history, but it will surely be compared to the third chapter. Even more, compliments can be collected. But it is too early to make this decision for now. You can watch the videos prepared by Hivemind on the news. The famous final scene is on the news. And then there is the dragon war and the entrance, which is the darkest part of the series.

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