Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Winterfell Review 1

After more than a year’s break, Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 Winterfell met us. What does the new chapter say to the audience? Let’s evaluate together.


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When the long-running series is a big success, the expectation for the final season is usually a different dimension. Indeed, Game of Thrones is not much different. When the 7th season finale met with us on August 27, 2017, we finally found the true identity of Jon Snow and entered the final level in the series. Even though we still believed that it needed a little more time, HBO announced that it would end Game 8 in the 8th season. When this series, which now has a break for almost 2 years, comes into its first section, a large part of the audience has created a chain of excitement that the series can offer. But let’s sit in the curve and talk right, the first episode doesn’t change as much as you expect, but it doesn’t change the fact that it actually does a good opening.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1, the season’s set-up and tone-adjusting episodes as the audience met. What a shocking death in this episode. Because this section has already presented us the portrait of the door that will be brought to the final. So we can’t even open the door. Here are some of our compliments meet some of our criticism. Come on, let’s sort the section a little bit.

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Targaryen’s daughter is coming to Winterfell

The first part of season 8 is opening at winterfell. Jon Snow is finally coming to Winterfell, unaware of the peculiarities awaiting her with her loyalty oath and her new love, Daenerys Targaryen. Of course, as we have already mentioned in the trailer articles, Winterfell is not a warm home for Daenerys. There’s more than one reason. The first reason is that Jon Snow abandoned the fortress walls as the King of the North and renounced his waiver by swearing allegiance to the crown. Another one is that the Northmen do not like foreigners and Daenerys is highly threatening with two dragons. Of course, if you want to make a short journey back into the past, the Targaryens are not the favorite family of Stark’s. Unaware of the relationship between Rhaegar and Lyanna, the people and the Starks know the situation very differently, and another member of the Daenerys family is unable to kill.

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On the other hand, there is a serious problem in the balance of power. The fact that Sansa ’commemorates his brother rad by squeezing his teeth and the continuation of Your Majesty, which is a continuation of the Stark family traditions, shows that Sansa has a better understanding of the situation than Jon. Sansa, who spent many years with Cersei, shows that he has succeeded in measuring the reaction of the Northmen and making strategic decisions because he did his education beside the best scholar of the land. The Lady of Winterfell, on the other hand, does not give up from being a true ley as Catelyn Stark taught her. It is also emphasized in his talk with Tyrion that Sansa is now a much sharper and much more dangerous character this season. Sansa always thinks Tyrion is smart, he can understand Cersei won’t help them even miles away from participating in important talks. If there is a person who will know the liver of Cersei among a handful of survivors already, then Sansa. Neither Jaime nor Tyrion recognize him as Sansa knows Cersei. Jaimeesis awakening lasts 8 seasons.

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Selection of Cersei

On the Cersei front we opened the season quite interesting. Cersei, who did not seem to get the efficiency he wanted from the soldiers, continues his strategic steps and keeps Euron Greyjoy with him until the time comes to kill him. Cersei side of our character to burn all the bridges for both of his brothers signed the death warrant is prominent. In this playmaker’s section, Cersei hires Bronn for a special mission, as well as the Golden Army, which he brings together to kill “the survivors.” He orders death for Jaime and Tyrion, the arrow he killed Tyrion. This is a very interesting point. Cersei had already lost everything he could have lost after Tommen, but he seemed to realize that Jaime was the only one he could trust. The fact that our hero did not leave his wine habits indicates that a possible pregnancy is a lie.

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On the Cersei side, the story of Greyjoy is quite interesting. After Theon saves the wound, Yara sets off for Daenerys to seize his own fortresses. Although it may seem like an ideal protection against White Walkers, it is still worth remembering that the Night King still has a dragon. On the other hand, the Stark family went as a hostage, but raised by Ned Stark as his own child. For Theon, we were unable to feel like we were coming to the end of the road. Due to the development of the character, it seems that theon who endeared himself with the Starks and then hated himself, and then helped Sansa to pay the bail of his deeds, and then Theon’s death fighting for the Starks seems to be protecting the Starks. We can say that this is one of the most effective tactics of the script. Of course, this is an estimate, who knows, perhaps the name of the surviving minority is able to print.

The two most important scenes of the department

As we said at the beginning of the article, in order to create the tone of the remaining sections and to serve as an intermediate section in the sense of the opening in fact in general we had only two very important scenes that we can say. One of them, of course, is that Jon learns his own identity. Obviously the limitation of the 6 part made himself feel a bit here. Now that the truth to the closing of the event without telling the truth to the Jon, the character did not have much time to digest it. Jon Snow’s head is in a rather confused state. In addition to the fact that her queen was not a legitimate heir, she came down as a slap in the face of our character. But this is not limited to the trauma of course. Jon learned that his aunt was a beloved, not in fact an illegitimate child, that Ned Stark was lying to protect him, and that Catelyn Stark hated him for years in vain. An incredibly great trauma, and a very difficult knowledge to swallow, fell into our hero’s lap. The part of the “true heir to the throne” doesn’t mean anything to Jon.

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Jon Snow, which we have been watching so far, has never appeared to us as the throne, the one with the title. Somehow these titles got to him, but Jon never chased him. On the other hand, having Daenerys struggling to seize the throne since he was born makes his work inevitable. Daenerys could know, and when his brother died, he grew up as the only true heir of the throne. He proclaimed his queen from the ground up, came out with three dragons in the fires, and although he often made cowardly decisions, he tried to be as courageous as possible. Now, after a long time, when again love is found, the real throne fight will be shaped between the pairs and makes things interesting.

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On the other hand, this information is given to Jon in the Stark cemetery. We’re thinking that Jon will hide it for himself for a while, like a secret that’s buried in the family graveyard. At least until White War ended with war. In the first part, the greatest detail missing by the Northmen is that White Walkers is fast approaching to kill them. The king or queen doesn’t mean much if everyone dies.

The relationship between Daenerys and Jon continues to form quickly towards the legend of Azor Ahai. Although the series does not open this legend to the audience, the fans of the series want Azor Ahai to appear before the end of the season.

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Here’s the second important stage. Section 1 ends with a final which will wait impatiently. Since the 1st season, the pair has not seen each other, Bran Stark and Jaime Lannister. This is a whole new danger for Jaime. We do not think that he will take revenge on Jaime, who pushed himself into a wheelchair. Bran’s new and wise personality has been portrayed as overwhelmingly human feelings. But we can’t help but think that Bran will do nothing to protect Jaime in the conversation with an old friend. For Jaime Lannister, it was a very big and dangerous decision to return to Winterfell. It takes courage to say that Lannister, the King Slayer who killed Daenerys’s father, once again joined Daenerys to tell him that he wanted to fight for them to survive. Daenerys must prove that he is truly patient and forgiving in order not to throw Jaime into the dragon. But the signals were given to us in the conversation between Sam and Daenerys. Daenerys doesn’t come across often with someone as clean as Sam. Daenerys, influenced by Sam’s personality, seems to be questioning his past decisions with Sam’s reaction when he kills Tarly. If you remember earlier, Daenerys were warned not to do this and were told that he might regret it. Sam’s clean heart can soften Daenerys against blood enemies.

When we consider the division as a whole, maybe the best part of the Game of Thrones is hard to say, but it is a very good final start. It’s not surprising that in the third part, we’re waiting for a gigantic battle. If Daenerys and Jon hadn’t been forced to relate the relationship for the limited amount of time, maybe there would have been a more successful episode. But Targaryen roots, at some point would have to drag the dragon, the Daenerys relationship to learn more about the identity of the two to be more complicated and similar reasons, such as an accelerated train of love life is currently progressing. We expect the second part to be similar to the first part. So keep your real expectations in the third section.

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