Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2

Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2” photos were published. The season 8 opened the door on the road to the finals in the first episode. While the fans waited for the second part with great enthusiasm, the photos of the department were shared.


Alert before proceeding; The next part of our news includes the spoiler of Episode 1. The facts you can read may miss your viewing pleasure.

Season 8, part 1 of the series, the 6-part final in the function was a gathering section. The series we started in Winterfell had the chance to see all of the characters gathered together for the great war, and Cersei in the King’s Land gathered his army. In our detailed review, which we prepared for the series and can be found here, we had written that the first episode was a ”playmaker“ section and therefore we did not encounter a shocking event. We even mentioned that the second part could proceed in a similar order. In the third part, the series that held the breaths for the battle scene seemed to open after the third part. HBO Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2

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Jaime is being questioned

We closed the department after the Umber lord was killed by White Walkers and Jaime Lannister arrived in Winterfell. The name that met Jaime was Bran. One of the most curious details in the second part is the first reaction from Bran to Jaime. It seems likely that Bran, who is now in supernatural wisdom, has to come to terms with Jaime. Especially considering that Night King is getting closer.

The photos don’t give many clues about how the dynamics between Daenerys and Jon will change. After Jon had told him he was the real heir, there was a chance that Jon would keep it a secret until the end of the war. The name of the new department will be Gilly after Sam gets the news that Daenerys killed his family. Towards the end of the chapter, there are squares that suggest that Jon will now work on a war strategy at the desk. One of the fans’ favorite characters, Lyanna Mormont, is ready for battle with her armor.

You can watch the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 2 on April 21st.

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