Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 The Long Night Review

Game of Thrones Episode 8 Season 3 finally showed us the great battle of Winterfell we had been waiting for. The Long Night review will explain in detail. Was the department as promising?


Alert before proceeding; The next part of our article includes the spoilers of the Game of Thrones season 8 episode 3 content. The facts you can read may miss your viewing pleasure.
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3

This part of the Game of Thrones was released weeks before the release of the battle with the battle scene. The war between the inhabitants had become meaningless. The dead came for revenge and wanted to destroy the great land. The Northians and the two dragons of Daenerys Targaryen and his army were the only hope of the land. Long Night was on the door and couldn’t be allowed. The 82-minute episode took the name of the 82nd episode, and breaths were held for the “longest battle scene in television history 82. Yeah. Technically, HBO may have given us the longest battle scene in television history. But what did he take from us? Let’s talk about this.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 3 Wasted story weave

Wasted story weave

Before writing this chapter, we had to rest a bit and distract ourselves. We took a deep breath and we tried to understand how this whole scheme evolved. However, before this chapter was published, we were thinking about what we would look for in black-and-white. In the end, we were going to watch a huge battle scene, and perhaps not find much detail for interpretation. But it’s not what we feared. It was worse. Lots of details to comment on have landed down like hot oil. He burned our skin, it hurt us. The third episode left a big disappointment.

If you are following the first two sections of our reviews, you may have noticed that some of our estimates are kept and some of them are not. We will talk about all of these and more, what we don’t like and what we found acceptable. But let’s talk about the technical distress we experienced before. In the morning we watched at 04:00 in the morning, we were confronted with a very difficult part to watch while a single light in the room was not lit. That’s because of the incredible darkness of the section. Why then? Because the dragon blowing flame does not look good in the bright air. Because White Walkers bring the Longest Night and not the Longest Afternoon. Because the world’s most meaningless scene, the scene of the flame addition to the Dothraki daggers will not look good on the evening. And because the zombies in the Walking Dead taste will not stop horribly enough during the day. That’s why we fight at night. However, I wonder if we could not at least make the shooting a little bright cannot stop the rebellion. Certainly, some of the scenes have the right to beat even just because of this darker shutter.

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Magician Woman Burning Fire to the Dothraki

Magician Woman Burning Fire to the Dothraki

We’re having a hard time aligning those of us who are incredibly badly written. But maybe if we go on stage, things can be more meaningful. First of all, we have repeated that the index has been removed from the book. So, this is the only one responsible for the fact that the construction that will be cracked from the shallows is now so bad, George R. R. Martin. Let’s get this out of here. It is the author himself who has the courage to come face to face with this kind of ”We have so much, what’s going on in 6 chapters so that’s what we can do bölüm taste. But we push it aside.

We have also mentioned the past reviews. Game of Thrones is no longer an adaptation of a television series. In fact, as a television series does not give all the clichés of the right to remain intact, in fact, these shallows are experienced. But let’s go back to the beginning of the section. Night shot, great. The enemy does not appear, joined the mystery. We put the Dothraki in the front. Why is that? Because they’il go ahead and die. With the prospect of not dying the Dothraki, Cersei’s likelihood of saying ın I’m going to save you ın was the same. Who did we put next to the Dothraki? Ghost. Why is that? We’re spending a lot of money on CGI. Are we really going to send Jon’s big bond wolf to the first set of horsemen that will surely die? We never feared. However, we could not make sense of the absurdity of the decision. There is more to this scene if you have not cracked your nerves already.

The Long Night Review

What is it, a mysterious mysterious soul: Melisandre, the God of Light. What does this “witch” do? He burns the daggers. We really thought this was very logical, and we put it in the show. B She came and burned the daggers of all of them before she sent out to the death the superstition Dothraki, who hated the witches. It’s a great script. We’re about to give it 11 out of ten already. We’ve been doing everything that happened so far. Khal Drogo, who were scattered all over the Dothraki, fired the spell thinking that he would not scare the Dothraki by pretending not to die because of a D witch Nam. What happened? The Dothraki created a truly beautiful visuality in the dark with their ”flaming daggers D. Good television, bad scenario. And it’s over? Wait, we’re just starting.

The enemy who never died, the heroes who never died

The enemy who never died, the heroes who never died

Looking back at the Game of Thrones seasons, we’re not sure if we lived in a section of love blossom. So this is Game of Thrones. We’re talking about Game of Thrones, the main character who’s head cracked in the first season. We’re talking about Game of Thrones, who kill important characters. Ned Stark, let Robb Stark go. The only Targaryen prince is known in the first season? Not that close. The last of the Baratheon brothers, Stannis? We killed him. Now we are going into a war that lasts all night, the dead are attacking us. We’re failing so much, they’re going to Winterfell. In the sarcophagus, the dead come alive, the Night King comes and awakens both the old ones and the new ones. For hours, a sword swung, a person fights with 8 people, and who is dying when all this mess is over? Dolorous Edd. Another? Lyanna Mormont. Another? Beric Dondarrion. Well, okay, but what else? The only vital part of the episode is perhaps Jorah Mormont, who underlines the death of his death, perhaps the fans will surprise you. Yeah, including Theon. You make the 82-minute battle section, but no major casualties. The 3rd side characters are dead. Come on. Is it over? He’s not finished.

Here are the heroes of the war!

Here are the heroes of the war!

What about those deaths? Let’s start with the fans favorite ”Giant Killer” Lyanna Mormont. What a scene he was! It was a scene to be talked about for weeks and shared on Twitter. Hah, that scene was taken for it. To share on Twitter. We mentioned that Lyanna Mormont’s role was increased because she was a favorite of fans in the last review. We do not call it wrong, the creators of the department Benioff and Weiss says. They’re the creators of the show. So how many sacrifices did these creators have? Lyanna Mormont again. Fans needed a loved one because they couldn’t afford to kill one of the big characters. Because Lyanna Mormont was a little hero in the eyes of fans, they gave her one of the most talked-about death scenes, even at the time of death. Lyanna Mormont who killed the giant. Not to be misunderstood, it’s not that Lyanna Mormont is a giant killer. Our concern is that the filmmakers are able to dare up to Lyanna Mormont.

What about Theon? We already wrote this in the review we passed. We’ve even been writing since chapter one. The great effort of the screenwriters to make Theon a hero, to force himself finally gave fruit! Bran told Theon that he was at his house. Theon ran an empty run with a pistol in his hand and plunged directly into death. Like a hero! Bran forgets. It is not possible to accept Theon as a hero. The stage was not surprising either, because the first part seemed to be the future obviously.

ic Dondarrion in the chain of heroes.

Beric Dondarrion in the chain of heroes. Beric Dondarrion has already died, as those who have read the books. No books. But the creators of the series decided to move forward with Beric Dondarrion. We saw that his sublime purpose was to save Arya. “Hodor – hold the door” had a scene similar to the scene of this episode. He put his hands on the entrance, prevented the creatures from passing, and was injured with a knife. Hound and Arya were running. In the next stage, Ducarrion was beamed into the room after our heroes. It was a very interesting moment. After all the knife blows, the hero Dondarrion turned away after gaining time for ours, maybe shot down a couple of dead, then ran fast to come to the room and died. For what? So that Melisandre might say, ”The Light God gave him this mission Mel. But we do not look for consistent logic in itself anymore. In the 7th season, Gendry had run for miles in a very short time.

The Jorah Mormont scene seemed to be in our opinion. It was too much. He made an overworked effort to protect Daenerys Targaryen, who had not taken a gun out of a dragon. As he had promised before, he kept it to his last breath. All the dead fought until they died again. Daenerys’ s clapping with a sword was a nice detail. We have some nice things to say about the department…

To become a master of war when it will be "Dragon Shredder"

To become a master of war when it will be “Dragon Shredder”

Imagine you have two dragons, you are starting to come to the dead. Does this war last so long? It will not take. What to do? Give us the snowstorm, call the third dragon. Because of the snowstorm, Daenerys and Jon became completely dysfunctional. Most of the war in the dragon trying to stay on the dragon had a very short dragon war. As far as the dark spots can be seen, the dragon war was not bad at all. Other than that, they had an incredibly inefficient battle. Indeed, if they were blindfolded with zero strategies, they would have done so much.

In addition, Daenerys’ drag the dragon to the ground completely to the head of the hair. There is an army of deadly dead on the ground, running like World War Z, climbing everywhere and trying to attack and drag the dragon down completely. Because why not? What could go wrong with this point? But we needed this scene again for ”good moments of television Ama. Because if he was too smart to put the Daenerys dragon down, Jorah wouldn’t have had to protect him. Then how did we explain to the audience that we finished the series without killing any important characters?

Jon could cut the dragon

And how could you believe that Jon could cut the dragon for a second, even if he didn’t make it to Bran? We don’t know if we feel like an idiot. We thought that Jon Snow, who ran from the dragon’s blue flames, could do something really epic. But the trenching classes were full of escape scenes. A moment had come very close, really, but instantly returned. Look at Lyanna Mormont’s scene and look at Jon’s tottering scene. Come on, you didn’t kill anybody, but if Jon were heavily wounded, would he have slaughtered the dragon? If not for minutes, why did we watch the wasted escape scene? He took the suicide step on the final stage, and he stood up and yelled at the dragon. So we understand that there may have been a break in war psychology, but this scene broke our psychology. We’d be happier if you gave that CGI to Ghost. We’re sure Ghost would do a lot better than Jon.

Who was Azor Ahai? We never know

Who was Azor Ahai? We never know

Now we put everything aside. Bad angles, everyone’s supremacy over war, ridiculous decisions, unnecessary dark shots, everything … Let’s come to the biggest hardship. We did the part with the legend of Arya. It was a really beautiful moment. Arya had a dagger of Valyrian steel used to kill Bran. At the beginning of the episode, it was only a standard dagger from the dragon glass. The Valyrian steel was still in Aria. Already a specialist in concealment and silent movement, this is shown in this section. All of a sudden, the crate was caught, but it stuck the dagger in the Night King, and it saved Bran from it with the dagger used to kill him. The story was very nice in terms of transformation. But. Azor Ahai where should I ask?

You may have forgotten Azor Ahai

You may have forgotten Azor Ahai. In the series, Melisande’s scenes are usually mentioned Azor Ahai. Azis Ahai, who was laying on the Melisandre was Azor Ahai. He thought it was Stannis, then he saw Jon in the flames. So what happened now? He was connected to the scene of the past with Arya. Eri I told you he would kill the blue eyewitnesses, “he said. So where is the hero Azor Ahai the hero who sets points for the Long Night? Melisandre Işık sailed to God as if he had completed his mission. Where is Azor Ahai from the flaming sword fight of the God of Light? Will Azor Ahai reveal himself in the silly war of man? The death of Melisandre implied that we could not see Azor Ahai. The filmmakers couldn’t put the story together and they tied it to Arya. Why is that? Where is Azor Ahai? Threw up the whole thing in the trash? Do we make those scenes look like never happened? Important was the Valyrian steel sword that everyone had. Then it’s as simple as the first stoop hero to be. So why did Stannis climax? He killed your brother for what? What about the promised prince of Rhaegar? How did we take the story to the plain? The whole series was fluttered, fluttered and killed.

Sansa and Tyrion talk

If you want to know which section we like the most, Sansa and Tyrion talk. Sansa’nin still wants full loyalty, even at that moment to stop being a lady of the winter, the ties between them with Tyrion tightening, the partition is the only part of the beautiful part of our minds must be. Of course, our taste also escaped. In the sarcophagus the dead revived, tiny space, not one important character died. A real or Survivor Gerçek. And music. Let’s not kill the valiant and eat the right, at the last part of the Night King walked to Bran, the music at the part where Jorah was fighting really stood our hairs. But there is no more, unfortunately. If you forget the whole series, not only the books but also the series, you can think of it as a very good chapter.

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