Gatekeeper Halberd smart key

The Gatekeeper Halberd smart key automatically locks your session from prying eyes when you are away from a certain distance on your computer.

If you’re working on important documents on your computer, or if it’s bothering you to browse your personal files, you’ll be interested in a device that automatically locks your computer when you go away.

Bluetooth-based running Gatekeeper Halberd smart key owner has turned away from the computer after locking back again automatically by opening the session does not require the user to take any action.

As long as you’re at your computer, whether you’re actively working or not, the system keeps the session open. Even if you lose the smart key that works according to AES-256 encryption, you can manually open the session and do not experience any problems.

Gatekeeper Halberd smart key

Designed as a Kickstarter project, the smart key was introduced by Amazon as of January 2018 with a sale price of $ 60.

Gatekeeper Halberd smart key
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